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    WARNING: This project has been renamed to @blackjacktrainer/blackjack-engine. Install using @blackjacktrainer/blackjack-engine instead.


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    • Easy to play many hands quickly
    • Basic strategy and card counting deviation hints
    • No package dependencies
    • Runs in Node or browser


    npm install
    npm run build

    Run in CLI mode

    npm start

    Use as a library in the browser

    // The following are default settings:
    const settings = {
      animationDelay: 200,
      deckCount: 2,
      allowSurrender: false,
      allowLateSurrender: false,
      checkDeviations: false,
      // Can be one of 'default', 'pairs', 'uncommon', 'illustrious18'.
      gameMode: 'default',
    const game = new BlackjackEngine(settings);
    // In a real app, this will likely be a React-redux store or a Vuex store.
    const state = {};
    // Called when any game state changes. Update your app's UI based on the
    // following game state:
    game.on('change', () => {
      if (game.state.focusedHand) {
        state.focusedHandId =;
      state.sessionMovesCorrect = game.state.sessionMovesCorrect;
      state.sessionMovesTotal = game.state.sessionMovesTotal;
      state.playCorrection = game.state.playCorrection;
      state.step = game.state.step;
      state.gameInternalSettings = game.settings;
      state.shoe = game.shoe.attributes();
      state.discardTray = game.discardTray.attributes(); =;
      state.player = game.player.attributes();
      state.handWinner = game.state.handWinner;
    game.on('shuffle', () => {
      console.log('End of shoe, cards shuffled!');
    // Emitted when the engine wants to save optional game statistics.
    // `entityName` can be one of `hand-result` or `move`.
    // `data` is a plain object with values to save to the backend.
    game.on('create-record', (entityName, data) => {
      fetch(`/api/v1/${entityName}`, {
        method: 'POST',
        body: JSON.serialize(data),
        headers: {
          Accept: 'application/json',
          'Content-Type': 'application/json',
    async function startGame(game) {
      while (true) {
        try {
          // `betAmount` is a cent value.
          await game.step({ betAmount: 100 * 100 });
        } catch (error) {
          if (error.message === 'Game reset') {
          throw error;

    The game often pauses and listens for a click or keypress event on document.body. Your DOM just has to declare the following buttons somewhere for user interaction:

    <template v-if="game.state.step === 'waiting-for-move'">
      <button data-action="s">Stand (S)</button>
      <button data-action="h">Hit (H)</button>
      <button data-action="d">Double (D)</button>
      <button data-action="r">Surrender (R)</button>
      <button data-action="p">Split (P)</button>
    <template v-else-if="step === 'ask-insurance'">
      <button data-action="n">No (N)</button>
      <button data-action="y">Yes (Y)</button>
    <template v-else>
      <button data-action="d">Deal (press any key)</button>


    npm i @blackjacktrainer/blackjackjs-engine

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