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    Blazer Design System

    Blazer is built using Vue Design System**, open source tool for building UI Design Systems with Vue.js. It provides you and your team a set of organized tools, patterns & practices that work as the foundation for your application development.

    The tool is built on top of Vue.js, Vue Styleguidist, Vue Webpack Template & Theo and is aimed for designers and front-end developers who have at least basic knowledge of component based workflows + HTML, SCSS & JavaScript.

    Made by @viljamis and other contributors. See also the official website of Vue Design System and read my article on the processes and workflow I use to get started with a new design system project.



    • A set of interconnected patterns & practices for you and your team.
    • A well thought-out terminology, naming conventions, and hierarchy.
    • Get an automated overview of how your design system progresses over time.
    • Global design tokens in YAML format that you can use inside any component.
    • Automatic generation of living, user editable documentation.
    • Easily export and use your Design System as an NPM dependency in another Vue.js project.
    • Create a token, an element, or a pattern, and it’s immediately available across all components.
    • Pre-configured Prettier setup for auto-formatting code on both save and before commit.
    • Live Reloading, Autoprefixing, SCSS, and helper functions + simple and sane defaults for SVG and Webfont usage out-of-the-box.
    • Documentation and the app logic are separated, so you can have public docs while the app itself stays private.
    • And more…





    • 2.1.2 is the latest release.
    • See Releases page for the full changelog.

    Authors and License

    Viljami Salminen, Artem Sapegin, Rafael Escala, react-styleguidist contributors, vue-styleguidist contributors, Vue.js contributors, vue-webpack-boilerplate contributors, Theo contributors, and Polaris contributors.

    Licensed under the MIT license.


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