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    OAuth2AuthCodePKCE client

    A zero dependency OAuth 2.0 client supporting only the authorization code grant (RFC 6749 § 4.1) with PKCE (RFC 7636) for client side protection.

    Currently the only Type/JavaScript implementation in public existence.

    1 file implementation for easy auditing.


    npm install @bity/oauth2-auth-code-pkce


    See the source code of tests/panel.html. It's commented with helpful information.

    Run npm run serve:tests and navigate to http://localhost:8080/tests/panel.html

    This page acts as a test panel for various scenarios. Play around! :)

    Modify the example to use the correct configuration.

    Exposing other query string parameters on return

    Some OAuth servers will return additional parameters to the requester. In order to access these they must be explicitly asked for:

    config.explicitlyExposedTokens = ['open_id'];

    Then this will be available as a property: accessContext.explicitlyExposedTokens.open_id.

    Extra parameters which other OAuth servers require

    It is probable you will encounter an OAuth server which requires some additional parameters. In order to pass extra parameters, add the following to the configuration:

    config.extraAuthorizationParameters = { 'some_query_string_param': 'value', ... };

    If you have values which need to be computed at run-time and then passed, you can pass them like so:

    oauth2.fetchAuthorizationCode({ 'another_query_string_param': computedValue });

    Module systems supported

    Module system File
    Browser (window) index.umd.js
    CommonJS (require e.g. nodejs) index.js
    TypeScript index.ts


    Publishing to NPM

    Grab the NPM-generated bity-oauth2-auth-code-pkce-*.tgz tarball from CI and then use npm publish $tarball to publish it to NPM.


    npm i @bity/oauth2-auth-code-pkce

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