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Video Experience Development Kit

Modern video player SDK optimized for extensibility and complete control over video for creation of interactive using SolidJs.

Transform video content into the platform by building interactive features within your video content.

Designed for developers

  • Robust module system
  • UI plugin system with Solid.js
  • Async dependency loading
  • Middleware control over all APIs
  • Full access to Plugin lifecycle
  • Native Bridge - Multi-platforms support
  • Small bundle size

Batteries Included

We have plugins which we build and actively maintain. We believe this provides the core for a modern experience.

  • Beautiful UI
  • HLS / DASH Playback
  • Fullscreen
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Playback speed control
  • Smart autoplay
  • Airplay

Pluggable UI

VXDK leverages SolidJS on it's core for the creation of custom UI components that can be hooked anywhere within the player.

We have created utilities that allow for components to easily have access to platforms APIs.

Modular to the core

A thin layer allows for a plugin architecture to replace and override all parts of the player.

Multi-platform support

VXDK was built from the ground up to support native playback across multiple platforms, while plugins can be done using TS/JS, it is able to communicate to native APIs through a bridge layer.

We are currently in alpha of this implementation and plan to support the following platforms.

Platform Roadmap

  • Flutter
  • React Native (Expo)
  • iOS
  • Android

Prior art

  • videojs
  • clappr
  • plyr.io
  • indigo player

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