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import NeetoCoursePage from "@bigbinary/neeto-course-page"; // as a external package

const App = () => (
                courseName: "learn HTML",
                pageType: "lesson",
                chapterNumber: "1",
                pageNumber: "3",
                title: "Tables",
        data: "Currently in the students table there are two types of information - students information and course information.\n\n",
        type: "text",
        index: 0,
        type: "image",
        index: 1,
        config: {
          imageClasses: "h-72",
          containerClasses: "flex justify-center",
        content: {
          url: "https://res.cloudinary.com/xyz/images/students-ID-table.png",
          name: "students-ID-table.png",
        code: {
          code_tabs: [],
          code_panels: [],
          code_content: "\nSELECT name, course\nFROM   students\n",
          code_composition: "single_language",
        type: "codeblock",
        index: 2,
        config: {
          type: "lesson",
          dbName: "students1.db",
          language: "sql",
    signedInUser={{ email: "oliver@example.com" }}


Prop Type Required Description
courseId string Yes Course ID/slug of the course that the page belongs to.
chapterId string Yes Chapter ID/slug of the course that the page belongs to.
pageId string Yes Page ID/slug of the course that the page belongs to.
pageComponents Array of objects Yes Block components of the page
courseSlug string Yes Course slug of the course that the page belongs to.
saveExerciseCode boolean No Specifies whether exercises code per codeblock is saved in localstorage (Default: true)
pageVersionId string No Page version ID of the page if we want to load data specific to a particular version of the page specified. (Default: null)
subdomain string No Subdomain of organization the page belongs to (Default: null). Needed in use cases where there are common pages across organizations and we're building a generic app for across organizations.
prAppName string No PR review app name for cases where we want to load a page in the scope of a PR app in neetoCourse (Default: null).
showNeetoCodeLink boolean No Specifies whether to show link to redirect to neetoCode or not.
signedInUser object required if showNeetoCodeLink is true Object containing user details in neetoCode.
onNeetoCodeLinkClick function No Callback function which is triggered when neetoCode link is clicked.
metadata object No Metadata used to create project title in neetoCode.

To test the local packages as dependencies using yalc

Install yalc globally

yarn global add yalc

The usage of yalc is explained in this video: https://youtu.be/F4zZFnrNTq8

cd into NeetoCoursePage directory:

cd Components/NeetoCoursePage

run the commands from the NeetoCoursePage root directory:

yarn install
yarn build
yalc publish

Delete the neeto-course-page node_module directory from your dependent projects like: https://github.com/bigbinary/neeto-course-web

rm -rf node_modules/@bigbinary/neeto-course-page

Add the yalc-stored dependency to your dependent project & then install

yalc add  @bigbinary/neeto-course-page
yarn install

We can update the package with the local changes in the store and push the changes to the dependent project. From neeto-course-page directory run

yalc push

To remove the dependency from the dependent project run:

yalc remove package-b

[!WARNING] After pushing the changes, you need to remove the build artifacts created by yarn build else neeto-course-site won't load. Inside the NeetoCoursePage directory, do:

rm -rf node_modules index.cjs.js index.js index.css




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