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neetoCodeBlocks is the library that provides code editor components.


yarn add @bigbinary/neeto-code-blocks

Install all the peer dependencies using the below command:

yarn add @bigbinary/neeto-commons-frontend @bigbinary/neeto-icons @bigbinary/neetoui @codesandbox/sandpack-react @monaco-editor/react antd@4.18.7 axios@0.27.2 formik@2.2.9 ramda@0.28.0 react@17.0.2 react-dom@17.0.2 react-router-dom@5.2.0 react-toastify@8.0.2 yup@0.32.11 zustand@4.3.2


Install all the dependencies by executing following command.

yarn install

Running the yarn start command starts an example application. Use this application to test out changes.

Building and releasing.

The @bigbinary/neeto-code-blocks package gets published to NPM when we merge a PR with patch, minor or major label to the main branch. The patch label is used for bug fixes, minor label is used for new features and major label is used for breaking changes. You can checkout the Create and publish releases workflow in GitHub Actions to get a live update.

In case if you missed to add the label, you can manually publish the package. For that first you need to create a PR to update the version number in the package.json file and merge it to the main branch. After merging the PR, you need to create a new github release from main branch. Whenever a new release is created with a new version number, the github actions will automatically publish the built package to npm. You can checkout the Publish to npm workflow in GitHub Actions to get a live update.

Please note that before publishing the package, you need to verify the functionality in some of the neeto web-apps locally using yalc package manager. The usage of yalc is explained in this video: https://youtu.be/QBiYGP0Rhe0




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