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    Hyphen SDK (Hyphen)


    Hyphen SDK, is a javascript based SDK written in typescript that helps in integrating Hyphen services easily. It provides some helper methods that makes the Hyphen integration too easy. Even though you can just interact with LiquidityPoolManager smart contract directly and deposit the tokens using depositErc20 method from your DApp and do the deposit transactions but using SDK is recommended as it provides methods like checking available liquidity before doing the transaction, checking exit transaction status, checking approvals etc.

    Check out the documentation for more details.

    Let’s Get Started

    Import and Instantiate Hyphen

    npm install @biconomy/hyphen


    yarn add @biconomy/hyphen

    import { Hyphen } from "@biconomy/hyphen";
    let hyphen = new Hyphen(<Provider Object>, {
      debug: true,            // If 'true', it prints debug logs on console window
      environment: "test",    // It can be "test" or "prod"
      onFundsTransfered: (data) => {
        // Callback method which will be called when funds transfer across
        // chains will be completed

    Initialize the SDK

    await hyphen.init();

    Doing a Cross Chain Transfer

    let depositTx = await hyphen.deposit({
        sender: "User wallet address",
        receiver: "Receiver address on toChain. Can be different than sender",
        tokenAddress: "Address of the token on fromChain to be transferred",
        depositContractAddress: "LiquidityPoolManager address on fromChain",
        amount: "Amount to be transferred. Denoted in smallest unit eg in wei",
        fromChainId: 137, // chainId of fromChain
        toChainId: 1,     // chainId of toChain
    // Wait for 1 block confirmation
    await depositTx.wait(1);


    npm i @biconomy/hyphen-staging

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