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BeyondWords Player

BeyondWords is an AI voice and audio CMS that enables publishers to transform their content into natural-sounding and captivating audio experiences for their audiences. This repository includes the BeyondWords player, which seamlessly integrates with the BeyondWords audio CMS and can be easily embedded into your website or app. You can create an account here.

The easiest way to embed the BeyondWords player into your website is by copying the player scripts inside the BeyondWords CMS. However, for those who wish to customize the player further, this documentation provides helpful guides and a detailed explanation for each of the player's settings. You can see a demo of the player here.


The doc/ directory contains these useful resources:

  1. Getting started: A guide for how to embed the player on your website using a <script> tag.
  2. NPM package: A guide for how to add the player to your website using the NPM package.
  3. Player SDK: An explanation of how to control the player programmatically by using the SDK.
  4. Player settings: A list of all supported player settings that can be set in the initializer or via the SDK.
  5. Client-side integration: How to import content into the BeyondWords platform using the player
  6. Listening to events: How to register event listeners that are called when player actions are performed.
  7. Player events: A list of all events emitted by the player that can be listened to.
  8. Segments playback: How to add support for the 'Playback from Segments' feature to your website.
  9. Custom analytics: How to send player analytics events to a custom URL of your choosing.
  10. Building your own UI: How to build your own user-interface on top of the BeyondWords player.
  11. Dev setup: How to run this project locally, e.g. if you are a developer at BeyondWords.
  12. Deployment: How to release a new version of the player to the public and details about caching.


We welcome contributions from our customers, and members of the public. Please open a GitHub issue if you are having trouble using the player or something isn't working as expected.

We'd prefer you didn't fork this repository and instead contact us if you have a requirement that is not met by the current player. Note that it is possible to build a custom user-interface on top of the existing player.


Copyright (c) 2023 Lstn Ltd (trading as BeyondWords). All rights reserved.

This repository and its contents, including but not limited to source code, documentation, and assets, are the sole property of BeyondWords and are protected by applicable copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws.

You are granted permission to use the player embed, SDK and the provided NPM package for your projects. No part of this repository may be otherwise reproduced, distributed, modified, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without the prior written permission of BeyondWords, except for the purpose of submitting pull requests and contributing to the project.

Contributions in the form of pull requests are welcome; however, BeyondWords reserves the right to review, approve, or reject any modifications to the code.

For inquiries and permission requests, please contact support@beyondwords.io.




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