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Event Emitter Library for JavaScript - Create event-driven architecture in any environment

A simple and lightweight event management library for JavaScript.

Event Emitter Library for JavaScript. It allows you to create objects that can generate events based on certain actions, and other objects can subscribe and unsubscribe to these events, making it easy for the developer to execute tasks based on the events being fired. This library is versatile and can be used in any environment, not just in Node or on the web. It can be used to implement an event-driven architecture, even on the client-side. It is particularly useful in view libraries like React, Vue, or Svelte, where it can be used to create reactive models that trigger events and update views accordingly.


import { Events } from "@beyond-js/events";

Then, extend the Events class in your own class to add event management capabilities:

class YourClass extends Events {
    funny() {

    executeChange() {

You can then trigger events using the trigger method and passing the event name as the first argument:

const instance = new YourClass();
instance.executeChange(); // triggers the 'change' event
instance.funny(); // triggers the 'funny.event' event

Subscribing to Events

To subscribe to events, you can use the on method, passing the event name and a callback function as arguments:

const instance = new YourClass();
instance.on("change", () => console.log("event change fired"));
const onFunnny = () => console.log("event funny fired");

instance.on("funny.event", onFunny);

Unsubscribing from Events

To unsubscribe from events, you can use the off method, passing the event name and the callback function as arguments

To unsuscribe to events you may use "off" method.

instance.off("funny.event", onFunny);

Supported events

You can define the supported events by passing a supported: string[] field in the constructor of your class.

class YourClass extends Events {
    constructor() {
        super({ supported: ["change", "funny.event"] });


Feel free to open a pull request or an issue if you find any bugs or have any suggestions for improvements.


The package is available under the MIT license.




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