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Quick start

  1. Install the following dev-dependencies:

    yarn add -D \
      @benjaminsimode/eslint-config-benjamin \
      eslint \
  2. Extend the @benjaminsimode/eslint-config-benjamin config in your .eslintrc (or eslintConfig key in your package.json):

    "eslintConfig": {
      "extends": "@benjaminsimode/eslint-config-benjamin"
  3. Specify the version of Node.js your project uses by setting .engines.node in your package.json.

    "engines": {
      "node": ">=8"
  4. Run eslint on your project as part of your lint:js scripts:

    "scripts": {
      "lint:js": "yarn run eslint --cache --ext .js --ignore-path .gitignore ./resources/",


The "Quick start" above exemplifies usage of this package with standard Node.js code.

Depending on the ECMAScript version of your code, whether you are using non-standard syntax like Flow and React's JSX, or other considerations, you may want to extend a variety of configurations provided by this package. @benjaminsimode/eslint-config-benjamin exposes several configurations targeting specific ESLint plugins, each named after the plugin it targets.

To use each plugin-specific configuration, you'll need to do the following:

  • Install as dev-dependencies @benjaminsimode/eslint-config-benjamin, eslint, and any plugins that are used by the configuration(s) you are extending, such as @benjaminsimode/eslint-plugin-node or @benjaminsimode/eslint-plugin-promise.

  • Add the configuration(s) you are using to the "extends" array in your project's ESLint configuration, like this:

      "extends": [

Plugin-specific configurations

With Prettier

If you are using Prettier to format your JS, install eslint-config-prettier and add it at the end of your "extends" array. It will turn off all ESLint rules related to the code-style preferences that Prettier already addresses.

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