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Remember The Milk Command Line Interface

node module: rtm-cli
GitHub repo: beauraines/rtm-cli

This Node module provides a command line interface, written in JavaScript, for the popular Remember the Milk task list manager.

This is a fork of dwaring87/rtm-cli so that I can maintain, modernize and add features. Your contributions are welcome!

This fork and beauraines/rtm-api includes

  1. performance improvements
  2. rewriting to use Promises
  3. additional task attributes like subtasks and recurrence



If you already have Node installed, this program can be installed via npm:

npm install -g @beauraines/rtm-cli

which will install the executable rtm into your $PATH.

Note: RTM CLI requires Node version >= 7.5.0

Executable Releases

Standalone executables, that do not require a pre-existing installation of Node, are available in the Releases page. I do not intend to continue this in my fork.


The main usage of the program:

  Usage: rtm [options] <command> [command arguments]


      -V, --version            output the version number
      -p, --plain              do not use styled/colored text (overrides --color)
      -c, --color              force the use of styled/colored text
      -s, --status             toggle the display of the status spinner
      -x, --completed [value]  set display of completed tasks (true/false/number of days)
      -d, --hideDue [value]    hide tasks due more than n days from today (false/number of days)
      -f, --config [file]      specify configuration file
      -v, --verbose            print stack traces on errors
      -h, --help               output usage information

  add|a [task...]                          Add a new Task
  addList|al [name] [filter...]            Add a new List or Smart List
  addNote|addNotes [index] [title] [body]  Add note or prompt for the title and body of the note. If only an index and text are included the text will be the body of the note without a title
  addTags|at [index] [tags...]             Add one or more tags to a Task
  archiveList|arl [name...]                Archive a List
  comp|x [indices...]                      Complete one or more Tasks
  decPri|- [indices...]                    Decrease the Priority of one or more Tasks
  due [index] [due...]                     Set the Due Date of a Task
  edit [index] [name...]                   Change the name of a Task
  incPri|+ [indices...]                    Increase the Priority of one or more Tasks
  lists|l                                  Display all lists
  login                                    Add RTM User information
  logout                                   Remove RTM User information
  ls [filter...]                           List all tasks sorted first by list then by priority
  lsd [filter...]                          List all tasks sorted first by due date then by priority
  lsp [filter...]                          List all tasks sorted first by priority then due date
  move|mv [index] [list...]                Move Task to a different List
  notes [indices...]                       Display the associated Notes of a Task
  planner [options] [filter...]            Display tasks in a weekly planner (--start: sun, mon, today)
  postpone|pp [indices...]                 Postpone one or more Tasks
  pri|p [index] [priority]                 Change Task Priority
  remove|rm [indices...]                   Remove one or more Tasks
  removeList|rml [name...]                 Remove a List
  removeTags|rmt [index] [tags...]         Remove one or more tags from a Task
  renameList|mvl [oldName] [newName]       Rename a List
  reset                                    Reset cached task indices
  setUrl|su [index] [url]                  Set the URL of a Task
  start [index] [start...]                 Set the Start Date of a Task
  tags|t                                   Display all tags
  task [indices...]                        Display the Task details
  uncomp|unc [indices...]                  Mark one or more Tasks as not complete
  url [options] [indices...]               Display the associated URL of a Task
  whoami                                   Display RTM user information
  overdue                                  Display incomplete tasks that are overdue

Interactive Mode

An interactive mode is started when no commands are given to rtm, which allows commands to be given sequentially.

Use the quit command to leave the interactive mode.

Full Usage Information

For full documentation on the usage of the built-in commands and options, see the Command Reference.


RTM CLI has a number of properties that can be configured using a separate JSON configuration file. The default user configuration file is located at $HOME/.rtm.json but can be changed using the --config <file> option.

Currently, the configuration can customize:

  • the formats of displayed dates
  • styled text output for different task properties
  • the display of completed tasks
  • the display of tasks with due dates in the future
  • custom aliases for existing commands
    • these are useful for applying commonly used RTM advanced search filters to display commands
    • ex: overdue = ls dueBefore:today AND status:incomplete

For full documentation on the configuration properties, see the Configuration Reference.


RTM CLI supports adding additional commands through plugins.

Available Plugins:

  • Export - rtm-plugin-export
    • Provides an export command to export tasks to a CSV file

For information on installing plugins, see the Plugin Reference.

For information on creating commands, see the Creating Commands section in the Project Wiki.

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