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    Common Errors

    If you get TypeError: Cannot read property 'indexOf' of undefined it is probably because you don't have your config object set correctly. A correctly set config object will have as its root keys, keys that match the desired output object. Each key on the config object MUST have at least 2 keys: type and key. type tells the function how to handle the value and key tells the function where on the data object we want to get the value from.


    This is a way to pass in custom types to the configuration function. This must be an array of objects with the schema { type: 'some type', method: function }

    The method will be called with the following arguments:, config[k], data, config)
    • config[k] is the value at the current config key. k corresponds with the final key/root key from the config object.
    • data is the whole object we are configuring.
    • config is the whole configuration object in case the method needs to know something special about the configuration.

    Whatever this method returns will be set on the final object at the key corresponding to k in the above.


    This has the default types of list, basic, nested, and flat. You can look in ./modules/utils.js to see what those methods are. This is a curried version of configureFromTypes.

    ConfigureObject = { type, key, ...props}
    ArrayConfigObject = { type = 'list', value, ...props }
    NestedConfigObject = { type = 'nested', value, ...props }
    MasterConfig = { [FINAL_KEY]: ConfigureObject | ArrayConfigObject }
    configureObject: MasterConfig -> Object -> Object


    • type key is the string to tell the function how to handle your request
    • Anything else besides key will be copied over flat


    • type is 'list'
    • value is an array of ConfigureObjects


    • string keys that correspond to the target object's keys
    • Each key will be processed through the type


    This method takes one object as an argument of the schema:

      actions = defaultActions,

    configuration key is the configuration object on how to transform the data coming in.

    Component key is the component we want to wrap

    actions key is an array of objects of the schema { type: string, method: fn } that we can point our configuration object to.

    All other key/value pairs will be passed to the wrapped component untouched.

    It returns the component wrapped and transforms any props given to it using the configurationObject. For a basic prop that we want to transform, we can use list, basic, or flat. If the prop is an object of the schema

    { key: [TARGET_OBJECT_KEY], value: configObject }

    ,we have a nested type that we can use. To use the nested type, you must have the nested configuration object under the value for the main key. Example:

    I have document coming in as a prop to the component I want to configure. I want to configure the document keys and values using this function. This is what my configurationObject would look like:

      document: {
        type: 'nested',
        key: 'document',
        value: {
          id: {
            type: 'basic',
            key: 'docId'

    And if I was given this as props:

      document: {
        docId: 1

    I would get passed to the wrapped component this:

      document: {
        id: {
          value: 1,

    And we can use this like so:

    import { configuredWith } from '@beardedtim/component-data-mapper'
    const DEMO = ({ document }) => {
      const { id: {value: id}, title: {value: title} } = document;
      return (
        <div>I have the id of {id} and title of {title}</h2>
    const Configured = configuredWith({
        configuration: {
           document: {
             key: 'document',
             type: 'nested',
             value: {
               id: {
                 key: 'docType'
               title: {
                 key: 'title'
        Component: DEMO
    <Configured document={{id: 1, title: 'A title!'}}/>
    // <div>I have the id of 1 and title of 'A title!'</h2>


    npm i @beardedtim/component-data-mapper

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