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    Interacting with NEO HTTP seeds over HTTPS. Webtask backend and a client helper script to interact with the RPC.

    Webtask Usage

    Public Webtask

    Right now there's a Webtask available to handle HTTPS proxying over at https://wt-eb8e8a5788a32c0054649520e12aca04-0.sandbox.auth0-extend.com/neo-proxy-public.

    Host your own Webtask

    Sign up at webtask.io and check your Webtask is running Node 8. Use the code at src/proxy/neo-https-proxy.js and make sure to add Express and Axios as dependencies!

    Client Usage

    Use it as a dependency: npm install @be-neo/neo-https-proxy

    There are both ES5 and ES6 versions of the code. Using this package as a dependency will use the ES5 version. Call queryHttpsProxy the same way you would use Neon.default.rpc.queryRPC. A third argument can be provided to use your own Webtask. If you only provide two arguments, the Webtask mentioned above will be used.

    Source (ES6): src/client/queryHttpsProxy.js Transpiled (ES5): client/queryHttpsProxy.js

    Building changes

    If you provided any changes to the client's source, transpile it by using npm run client:build


    npm i @be-neo/neo-https-proxy

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