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    Perl for Javascript. Just some functions that a perl developer misses in Javascript.

    Works with browsers and node v0.10.0+

    Quick Usage

    	var perl = require('perljs')
    	   q = perl.q, // single quote a string/array/object
    	   qq = perl.qq, // double quote a string/array/object
    	   qw = perl.qw, // quote words -- convert string to array on word boundaries
    	   x = perl.x, // string multiply -- repeat string N times
    	   name = 'perl rocks the javascript world';
    	console.log('q', q(name), 'qq', qq(name), 'qw', qw(name), 'x', x(name + '\n', 3));

    q and qq behave differently from perl, they single or double quote strings.

    qw is similar to perl's quote words, it splits strings into arrays based on word boundaries.

    x behaves like perl's x operater to repeat strings a number of times.

    Full usage documentation is available in doc/


    In addition to providing some useful functions which are available in perl but not Javascript, this project exists to learn about publishing modules, tools for linting and testing code as well as integration with Travis and other open source tools.


    	npm install perljs --save # or use yarn or pnpm

    or get it all

    	git clone https://github.com/bcowgill/perljs.git

    Perl Goodness Presently Supported

    	q('what') => "'what'"
    	qq('what') => '"what"'
    	qq('what', '@') => '@what@'
    	qq('what', '<', '>') => '<what>'
    	qw('this is it') => ['this', 'is', 'it']
    	x('=', 76) => 76 equal signs in a row
    	qqA(['this', 'is', 'it']) => ['"this"', '"is"', '"it"']
    	qqA(['this', 'is', 'it'], '@') => ['@this@', '@is@', '@it@']
    	qqO({ 'key1': 'value1', 'key2': 'value2' }) => { 'key1': '"value1"', 'key2': '"value2"' }
    	qqO({ 'key1': 'value1', 'key2': 'value2' }, '<', '>') => { 'key1': '<value1>', 'key2': '<value2>' }
    	// my %Map = qw( key1 value1 key2 value2 );
    	qwm('key1 value1 key2 value2') => { 'key1': 'value1', 'key2': 'value2' }
    	mapFromArray() - does the same for an array instead of a string.
    	// my %Map = map { ( $ARG, 1 ) } @Array;
    	makeMap(['key1', 'key2']); => { 'key1': true, 'key2': true }
    	// my %ReverseMap = map { ($Map{$ARG}, $ARG) } keys(%Map)
    	reverseMap({ 'inch': 1, 'foot': 12 }) => { '1': 'inch', '12': 'foot' }

    Full Documentation

    Is available in the doc dir and can be generated:

    	pnpm run doc
    	pnpm run doc-view


    For perlish test output:

    	source env.local
    	pnpm test:tap
    	# or
    	prove scripts/tap-test.sh

    Which shows output as TAP -- Test Anywhere Protocol

    Or more javascripty test output:

    	pnpm test

    Which will prettify and lint the source as well as run the tests.

    Coverage output will be shown and is available in doc/coverage/index.html


    	source env.local
    	pnpm run usage

    To see additional pnpm and grunt targets like watch or develop

    Contributing perljs's Contributors Image

    The existing coding style is maintained by the use of prettier as part of the check in process using husky. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test your code using the supplied npm targets. Review the test coverage output to ensure you've tested whatever has been added.

    See CONTRIBUTING.md for further details.


    The Unlicense

    A license with no conditions whatsoever which dedicates works to the public domain. Unlicensed works, modifications, and larger works may be distributed under different terms and without source code.


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    Release History

    • 0.1.0 Initial release q qq qw x - go forth and perlize.
    • 0.2.1 Release some (hash) mapping functions mapFromArray(), makeMap() and reverseMap().
    • 0.2.2 Create some release management scripts.
    • 0.3.0 Made browser compatible as AMD or global and bower.json for bower packaging.
    • 0.3.1 Made browser compatible as CommonJS/AMD or global and bower.json for bower packaging (private: false).
    • 0.3.2 slight bower.json ignore change.
    • 0.3.3 test of npm version command tooling.
    • 2020-10-24 not released - updated all modules and switched to pnpm.
    • internal - 0.3.4 patch after toolchain updated 2021: test of npm version but had an issue.
    • internal - 0.3.5 patch after toolchain updated 2021: husky, nyc, prettier, eslint, stylelint, htmllint, mocha-dark internally, nyc-dark internally.
    • internal - 0.3.6 patch documentation rebuild for release failed release due to username.
    • 0.3.7 patch corrected npm user name for release.
    • 0.3.8 patch prepublishOnly script fixed for TravisCI
    • 0.3.9 patch Using nyc-dark, mocha-dark externally, Evaluating eslint-plugin-unicorn
    • 0.3.10 patch Re-relese bump as previous bump failed to pass Travis


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