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    Provides high-level API for managing Forge Minecraft client instances. Works as a plugin for launcher-api. Designed to be consumed by launcher-ui and launcher-cli.

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    $ yarn add @bauxite/launcher-api-forge


    $ npm install --save @bauxite/launcher-api-forge

    API Overview

    All methods described below return a Promise unless otherwise specified. "Return" implies the Promise having been resolved, and "throw" implies the Promise having been rejected.

    Forge Versions

    getForgeVersions (async)

    Fetch a list of all available versions of Forge.

    Return value

    Returns an array of objects, each representing a version of Forge, comprising:

    • ID: The version number, i.e.
    • build: The build number
    • minecraftVersionID: The supported version of Minecraft
    • branch: Usually null ─ the branch on which this version was released
    • releasedAt: A Date object representing the time this version was relesed
    • downloads: An array of objects, each representing a build artefact for this version. Each object contains:
      • ID: A unique identifier for this build, comprising the version ID, and the download name
      • name: The type of build artefact, i.e. universal, installer or mdk
      • path: The filename of the build artefact
      • sha1: A SHA1 hash of the build artefact
      • url: The remote URL from which the artefact can be downloaded
    • latest: If true, this is the latest unstable available build
    • recommended: If true, this is the latest recommended available build

    The versions are in descending order of released date (releasedAt).

    getForgeVersionsByID (async)

    Finds a version of Forge by its ID.

    • ID: The version ID to fetch details for
    Return value

    Returns an element of the array returned by getForgeVersions, or null if the supplied ID does not match any versions.

    getForgeVersionsForMinecraftVersion (async)

    Finds all versions of Forge that are compatible with the supplied Minecraft version.

    • versionID: The Minecraft version ID
    Return value

    Returns a subset of the array returned by getForgeVersions, or an empty array if no compatible versions exist.

    Installing Forge

    installForge (async)

    Installs (or updates) Forge to a Bauxite-managed Minecraft instance.

    • directory: The directory of the Minecraft instance to install Forge to
    • forgeVersionID: The version ID of Forge to install
    Return value

    Returns an object identical to that of getInstance from launcher-api, with the addition of a forgeVersionID field. For example:

      "ID": "twitchy-creeper-23",
      "directory": "/home/<user>/.bauxite/instances/twitchy-creeper-23",
      "versionID": "1.12.2",
      "forgeVersionID": ""

    Launching Forge

    Launching Forge instances is handled by startInstance in launcher-api ─ only the method for generating launch arguments is augmented to allow this.

    generateForgeLaunchArguments (async)

    An override for generateLaunchArguments, automatically called when launching Forge-enabled instances.


    Accepts a single parameter of an object with the 3 following fields:

    • instance: An object representing the instance to launch, as returned by getInstance from launcher-api.
    • profile: An object representing the user profile to launch with, as returned by the getProfile methods from launcher-api.
    • version: An object representing the version manifest of the instance, as returned by getVersionManifest from launcher-api.
    Return value

    An array of command-line arguments to pass to the Java executable installed on the system, such that the Forge instance will be launched.




    npm i @bauxite/launcher-api-forge

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