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Okapi BM25

Search for terms in an array of documents using Okapi BM25.


npm install -g @basementuniverse/bm25


import { Corpus } from '@basementuniverse/bm25';

const corpus = new Corpus([
  'This is a document',
  'Here is another document',

const results = corpus.search('document');

results will look something like:

    "document": "This is a document",
    "score": 0.5
    "document": "Here is another document",
    "score": 0.5

The documents passed into the Corpus constructor will be treated as strings by default, and will be converted to lowercase and split by non-word characters.

However, it is possible to pass in values of any type here, as long as you provide a function to convert each value to an array of strings. For example:

const corpus = new Corpus(
      id: '1234',
      name: 'John Doe',
      id: '2345',
      name: 'Jane Doe',
    processor: document => [document.id, ...document.name.toLowerCase().split(' ')],

Partial term matching can be enabled by passing true as the second argument to search():

const results = corpus.search('doe', true);


The 2nd argument to the Corpus constructor is an options object, which can contain the following properties:

  • processor (function) - A function to convert each document to an array of strings.
  • k1 (number between 1.2 and 2, default: 1.5) - Controls the impact of term frequency saturation.
  • b (number between 0 and 1, default: 0.75) - Controls how much the document length affects the term frequency score.
  • gamma (number, default: 1) - Addresses a deficiency of BM25 in which term frequency normalization by document length is not properly lower-bounded.

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