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Graceful dark mode support in vanilla javascript

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How ?

by adding data-dark-mode attribute to the body tag on the document, aka you can use css selectors to either use custom css or use system preference, in case there's no JS

Mandatory 4 Feature points

  • Tiny , it's (3KB unminified,1KB minified, check .sizesnap.json for exact size details) and the type definitions take the most space, so you can technically avoid them altogether based on your bundler
  • Available in ESM,CJS,UMD(as a cdn file) , so i don't care what bundler you use, or if you don't use bundlers at all.
  • Backed by Tests, like every other library out there
  • One of the few libraries that doesn't render useless when javascript is disabled, you need to tweak your css a bit, but you handle system preference theming pretty easily.

Not Convinced? Okay.


You can use it via a CDN like unpkg or via npm using

Note: The library is an ES Module and thus needs to either be used by a web bundler or using <script type="module"> in vanilla HTML.

npm i @barelyreaper/themer
# or
yarn add @barelyreaper/themer

Then in your js file.

import {
	init, // adds a listener for handling browser's preference changes and the initial loading state
	getCurrentTheme, // get the current theme string from storage, this could be any string value that you set from `setTheme`
	setTheme, // provides a simple function to store the theme preference in the localStorage
} from '@barelyreaper/themer'
<!-- might wanna version lock the url by opening it in the browser first to get a version tagged url -->
<script src="https://unpkg.com/@barelyreaper/themer/index.browser.js"></script>
	const {init, getCurrentTheme, setTheme} = themer

	const unsub = init({
		lightPref: 'light', // default light preference
		darkPref: 'dark', // default dark preference
		onChange: () => {
			const theme = getCurrentTheme()
			console.log('theme changed to:',${theme})
			// reset icons
			// move toggles, etc etc

	setTheme('light') // set theme to use `light` colors
	setTheme('dark') // set theme to use `dark` colors
	setTheme('rose') // set theme to use `rose` colors
	setTheme('') // set theme to use system defined themes

	// unsub on destruction of your component or page
	// if necessary

Write the css classes with respect to the existence of data-theme attribute on the body tag

/* set a theme for both default state and the light theme */
body[data-theme='light'] {
	--bg: #eceff4;
	--bg-light: #e5e9f0;
	--bg-lighter: #d8dee9;
	--fg: #2e3440;
	--fg-light: #3b4252;
	--fg-lighter: #434c5e;
	--shadow: 0 1px 4px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.12);

body[data-theme='dark'] {
	--bg: #121212;
	--bg-light: #191919;
	--bg-lighter: #252525;
	--fg: #d8dee9;
	--fg-light: #e5e9f0;
	--fg-lighter: #eceff4;
	--shadow: rgb(15 17 21 / 20%) 0px 3px 6px 0px;

body[data-theme='rose'] {
	--bg: #faf4ed;
	--bg-light: #fffaf3;
	--bg-lighter: #f2e9e1;
	--fg: #575279;
	--fg-light: #797593;
	--fg-lighter: #9893a5;
	--shadow: rgb(15 17 21 / 20%) 0px 3px 6px 0px;

/* Default dark mode if no JS is present */
@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {
	body:not([data-theme]) {
		--bg: #121212;
		--bg-light: #191919;
		--bg-lighter: #252525;
		--fg: #d8dee9;
		--fg-light: #e5e9f0;
		--fg-lighter: #eceff4;
		--shadow: rgb(15 17 21 / 20%) 0px 3px 6px 0px;


pnpm i # Install deps
pnpm dev # Run the dev watcher
pnpm web:dev # start the web server that can be used to test the bundled library


pnpm build


  • pick up an issue from the issues (do comment on the issues to avoid overlaps)
  • fork the repo
  • clone it
  • do your magic
  • raise a PR!

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