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    An simple and flexible audio buffer loader for browser and node:

    var load = require('audio-loader')
    // load one file
    load('').then(function (buffer) {
      console.log(buffer) // => <AudioBuffer>
    // load a collection of files
    load({ snare: 'samples/snare.wav', kick: 'samples/kick.wav' },
      { from: ''} ).then(function (audio) {
      console.log(audio) // => { snare: <AudioBuffer>, kick: <AudioBuffer> }


    • Load single audio files or collection of them (either using arrays or data objects)
    • Load base64 encoded audio strings
    • Compatible with midi.js pre-rendered soundfonts packages like midi-js-soundfonts
    • Compatible with json encoded audio like sampled



    npm i --save audio-loader


    yarn add audio-loader


    Download the minified distribution which exports loadAudio as window global:

    <script src="audio-loader.min.js"></script>
      loadAudio({ snare: 'snare.wav' }, { from: '' }).then(..)


    Load audio files

    You can load individual or collection of files:

    load('http://path/to/file.mp3').then(function (buffer) {
      // buffer is an AudioBuffer
    // apply a prefix using options.from
    load(['snare.mp3', 'kick.mp3'], { from: '' }).then(function (buffers) {
      // buffers is an array of AudioBuffers
    // the options.from can be a function
    function toUrl (name) { return '' + name + '?key=secret' }
    load({ snare: 'snare.mp3', kick: 'kick.mp3' }, { from: toUrl }).then(function (buffers) {
      // buffers is a hash of names to AudioBuffers

    Recursive loading

    audio-loader will detect if some of the values of an object is an audio file name and try to fetch it:

    var inst = { name: 'piano', gain: 0.2, audio: 'samples/piano.mp3' }
    load(inst).then(function (piano) {
      console.log( // => 'piano' (it's not an audio file)
      console.log(piano.gain) // => 0.2 (it's not an audio file)
      console.log( // => <AudioBuffer> (it loaded the file)

    Load soundfont files

    If you provide a .js file, audio-loader will interpret it as a midi.js soundfont file and try to load it:

    load('acoustic_grand_piano-ogg.js').then(function (buffers) {
      buffers['C2'] // => <AudioBuffer>

    This is a repository of them:


    load(source, [options])

    Param Type Description
    source Object the object to be loaded: can be an URL string, ArrayBuffer with encoded data or an array/map of sources
    options Object (Optional) the load options for that source

    Possible options keys are:

    • from {Function|String}: a function or string to convert from file names to urls. If is a string it will be prefixed to the name: load('snare.mp3', { from: '' }) If it's a function it receives the file name and should return the url as string.
    • only {Array} - when loading objects, if provided, only the given keys will be included in the decoded object: load('piano.json', { only: ['C2', 'D2'] })
    • context {AudioContext}: (browser only) The audio context to use. By default uses audio-context
    • decode {Function}: a function to decode audio. It receives a buffer and must return a promise to an audio buffer.
    • fetch {Function}: a function to fetch files. It receives an url and a response type (one of 'arraybuffer' or 'text') and must return a promise to the contents

    Run tests and examples

    To run the test, clone this repo and:

    npm install
    npm test

    To run the browser example:

    npm i -g budo
    npm run browser-example

    To run the node (audiojs) example:

    node example/node.js


    MIT License


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