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    Azure Core tracing library for JavaScript

    This is the core tracing library that provides low-level interfaces and helper methods for tracing in Azure SDK JavaScript libraries which work in the browser and Node.js.

    Getting started


    This package is primarily used in Azure client libraries and not meant to be used directly by consumers of Azure SDKs.

    Key Concepts

    • TracingClient is the primary interface providing tracing functionality to client libraries. Client libraries should only be aware of and interact with a TracingClient instance.
      • A TracingClient implementation can be created using the createTracingClient factory function.
    • Instrumenter provides an abstraction over an instrumentation and acts as the interop point for using third party libraries like OpenTelemetry. By default, a no-op Instrumenter is used. Customers who wish to enable OpenTelemetry based tracing will do so by installing and registering the @azure/opentelemetry-instrumentation-azure-sdk package.
    • TracingContext is an immutable data container, used to pass operation-specific information around (such as span parenting information).
    • TracingSpan is an abstraction of a Span which can be used to record events, attributes, and exceptions.


    Examples can be found in the samples folder.

    Next steps

    You can build and run the tests locally by executing rushx test. Explore the test folder to see advanced usage and behavior of the public classes.


    If you run into issues while using this library, please feel free to file an issue.


    If you'd like to contribute to this library, please read the contributing guide to learn more about how to build and test the code.



    npm i @azure/core-tracing

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