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    Scaffolder of a custom widget for developer portal of Azure API Management service

    This repository is managed by the Microsoft Azure API Management team and contains the source code for scaffolding a custom widgets for the Developer portal. Refer to the official Azure documentation for more information and instructions.

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    Getting started

    Currently supported environments


    Create your first Custom widget

    Navigate to Custom widgets for Developer portal documentation to learn how to create and manage Custom widgets.

    Key concepts

    Package contains template files and a function to generate Custom widgets for the API Management services' Developer Portal. In general, it's not meant to be imported to other projects, just used via npx.

    This package should not be confused with @azure/api-management-custom-widgets-tools package, which provides tools for communication between scaffolded widgets and the Developer Portal.


    If you'd like to contribute to this library, please read the contributing guide to learn more about how to build and test the code.

    To execute the tests you'll need to run:

    1. rush update
    2. rush build -t @azure/api-management-custom-widgets-scaffolder
    3. cd sdk\apimanagement\api-management-custom-widgets-scaffolder
    4. npm run test

    View our tests folder for more details.

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    npm i @azure/api-management-custom-widgets-scaffolder

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