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    Azure @azure-tools/test-recorder library for JavaScript

    Note: This project is a test utility that assits with testing the packages maintained at the Azure SDK for JavaScript repository. This is not intended for the public utilization.

    This tool helps to record and playback the tests in the JS repo by leveraging the unified out-of-process test proxy server.


    Running the tests along with the test-proxy tool

    With the dev-tool commands

    • The following commands run the tests with the default configs, and concurrently runs the proxy tool in record/playback modes if it is not already active. Additionally, more options can be passeed to override the default configs.
      • dev-tool run test:node-js-input -- --timeout 5000000 'dist-esm/test/**/*.spec.js'
      • dev-tool run test:node-ts-input -- --timeout 1200000 --exclude 'test/**/browser/*.spec.ts' 'test/**/*.spec.ts'
      • dev-tool run test:browser Read more at dev-tool commands #usage

    Follow the below two methods if you wish to run the proxy tool yourself without relying on the dev-tool commands.

    With the docker run command

    • Run this command

      docker run -v /workspaces/azure-sdk-for-js/:/srv/testproxy -p 5001:5001 -p 5000:5000

      Map the root directory of the azure-sdk-for-js repo to /srv/testproxy inside the container for an accurate location while generating recordings.

      Add --add-host host.docker.internal:host-gateway for linux to access host's network(to access localhost) through host.docker.internal. Docker for Windows and Mac support host.docker.internal as a functioning alias for localhost.

      If the above command doesn't work directly, try Troubleshooting Access to Public Container Registry.

      Reference: Using Test Proxy with docker container

    (OR) With the dotnet tool

    • Install .Net 5.0

    • Install test-proxy

      dotnet tool install --global --add-source --version 1.0.0-dev*

    • After successful installation, run the tool:

      test-proxy --storage-location <root-of-the-repo>

      [ root-of-the-repo example - /workspaces/azure-sdk-for-js if you're on codespaces]


    npm i @azure-tools/test-recorder

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