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    ADL Service Code Generator for RPaaS

    The ADL service code generator for RPaaS creates an abstract UserRP implementation of specs using the ADL-RPaaS extension. Code is generating using ASP.Net MVC framework. This doc discusses the high-level design, challenges, and remaining work.


    Service Code is laid out as follows:

    • One controller for each resource, containing resource operations
      • Controller is abstract, to ease regeneration
      • Controller contains a validation and completion method for each resource operation
      • Each method has an abstract template method that must be overridden by RP custom code
      • Methods give us scope for default implementations for the service
    • One static class containing service routing constants
    • A Folder containing operation list functionality
    • A Folder containing generated models
    • A boilerplate library representing the language implementation of library parts


    Generation follows this general algorithm:

    • Create the top-level ServiceModel from adl-rpaas metadata
    • Populate resources from ADL-RPaaS public methods
      • Pre-populate standard operations
    • Iterate over the namespaces to collect operations
      • Determine resource association with namespace through ADL-RPaaS
      • Get operation verb/path info through ADL-Rest
      • Prevent duplication through maps/sets
      • Determine type references
      • Process return types and parameters to create model generation list
    • Populate model and enumeration declarations by iterating over generation list
      • Filter out properties that originate in parent classes
    • Copy files, and render ServiceModel data through templates to produce c# code

    Type Definitions


    • service metadata (name, namespace)
    • collection of [Resource]
      • Resource metadata (paths, list)
      • Operations : collection of [Operation]
        • Operation Metadata (name, subpath, verb)
        • ReturnType [TypeReference]
        • [Parameter] collection (ordered)
          • Type [TypeReference]
          • Location
          • Name
    • collection of Models [TypeDefinition]
      • Model metadata (name, namespace)
      • base type [TypeReference]
      • Implements [Collection of [TypeReference]]
      • Properties [Collection of [Property]]
    • collection of Enumerations [Enumeration]
    • [TypeReference]
      • Type metadata (name, namespace)
      • type parameters [TypeReference]
      • builtIn

    Output and Templates

    • Boilerplate c-sharp files for library code
    • Boilerplate templates for Operations
    • ResourceController Template
    • Resource paths template
    • Model Template
    • Closed and Open enumeration templates

    Points of Interest / Questions

    • Should we use library types for RPaaS and ADL primitives? And for which ones?
      • Constraint-related decorators
      • Inheritance / implementation / templating choices per language
    • Remove templates?
    • Identifying built-in models & operations / models from extensions
      • Operation Resolution
      • Truncating Model resolution / mapping built-in models to language models
    • Identify type names for assignment (now alias)
    • Managing spread nodes
      • Decorators from spread nodes
    • Higher-level representation of ADL spec
      • Decorator Resolution
      • Collecting Types
      • Operation verbs and subpaths [Rest]
      • Identifying resource operations [RPaaS]
    • Logging / tracing in the generator
    • Testing Approach
      • Template tests and Model tests
      • End-to-end generation tests
      • Service-level tests

    Remaining Work


    • Bring in latest updates from main (assignments, aliases, enumerations)
    • Support for default resource
    • Support for extension resources
    • Versioning prototype
    • Factoring out language-agnostic parts
    • Command line options for logging, operation list toggle

    Model Generation in C#

    • Boilerplate types for all RPaaS models
    • C# reserved word protection and renaming scheme
    • C# Identifier character set mapping
    • Standard handling / prevention of multiple inheritance
      • Extends
      • Templating
      • Spread
    • Error models
    • Translation for regular expressions / higher level representations
    • Refine included namespaces for actual usage

    Dependencies on RPaaS Hosting

    • Model serialization
    • Logging
    • Design for non-resource operations controllers
    • Automated error handling


    • CI Testing
    • End-to-end hosting in RPaaS



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