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Azimutt Gateway

Small Node server to proxy database connections and enable browsers to access database features.

The other way is to use the desktop app for this, keeping everything local and accessing local databases.

Set Up

  • copy .env.example to .env and adapt values
  • run pnpm install to install dependencies
  • start dev server with pnpm start

Env vars

Loaded from .env file, with schema validation

Backend API Development

There are a number of handy commands you can run to help with development.

Command Action
pnpm start Run the server in dev mode, automatically restarts on file change
pnpm run build Compile TypeScript to JavaScript
pnpm run preview Start JavaScript from 'build' directory
pnpm test Run unit tests (run pnpm run build before)
pnpm run test:watch Run backend tests in watch mode, running on changed test files
pnpm run lint Run eslint
pnpm run lint:fix Run eslint in fix mode


Run tests on push/PR to main branch Check .github/workflows/CI.yml


Digital Ocean uses the package-lock.json to deploy, to generate it use npm i --package-lock-only. The workspace:^ can't be used there...


  • update package.json version
  • update lib versions (pnpm -w run update + manual)
  • test with pnpm run dry-publish and check azimutt-gateway-x.y.z.tgz content
  • launch pnpm publish --no-git-checks --access public

View it on npm.


If you need to develop on multiple libs at the same time (ex: want to update a connector and try it through the CLI), depend on local libs but publish & revert before commit.

  • Depend on a local lib: pnpm add <lib>, ex: pnpm add @azimutt/models
  • "Publish" lib locally by building it: pnpm run build

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