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    Axway component for integrating with CE service connectors.


    Service connectors depend on this module, so it is never installed directly.





    • RDPP-4897: Previously, the parsing of the swagger files failed when it has parameters with missing "in" property as well as did not dereference schemas from global "parameters" and "responses" sections. Now, the parsing of the swagger files with parameters and responses that refer to schemas in "parameters" and "responses" section is ok.


    • RDPP-4757: Changed SCM repository and associated internal cleanup.
    • RDPP-4760: Correctly trigger default response. Previously service connectors and flow-nodes generated with api-builder-plugin-fn-swagger did not handle the cases where the swagger definition have default response. Now service connectors and flow-nodes generated with api-builder-plugin-fn-swagger will use the proper response description even when default descriptions exists. For example if the service returns http code 301 and there is no response defined for 301 the "default" response will be used if present in the swagger document.


    This code is proprietary, closed source software licensed to you by Axway. All Rights Reserved. You may not modify Axway’s code without express written permission of Axway. You are licensed to use and distribute your services developed with the use of this software and dependencies, including distributing reasonable and appropriate portions of the Axway code and dependencies. Except as set forth above, this code MUST not be copied or otherwise redistributed without express written permission of Axway. This module is licensed as part of the Axway Platform and governed under the terms of the Axway license agreement (General Conditions) located here:; EXCEPT THAT IF YOU RECEIVED A FREE SUBSCRIPTION, LICENSE, OR SUPPORT SUBSCRIPTION FOR THIS CODE, NOTWITHSTANDING THE LANGUAGE OF THE GENERAL CONDITIONS, AXWAY HEREBY DISCLAIMS ALL SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE OBLIGATIONS, AS WELL AS ALL EXPRESS AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO IMPLIED INFRINGEMENT WARRANTIES, WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND YOU ACCEPT THE PRODUCT AS-IS AND WITH ALL FAULTS, SOLELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Your right to use this software is strictly limited to the term (if any) of the license or subscription originally granted to you.


    npm i @axway/serviceconnector-ce

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