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Axway Amplify OUM CLI

Manage organizations, teams, and users.


This package is bundled with the Axway CLI and thus does not need to be directly installed.

npm i -g axway



List all organizations:

$ axway org list

View an organization:

$ axway org view

$ axway org view <org>

Rename an organization:

$ axway org rename <org> <name>

Organization Users

List all organization users:

$ axway org user list <org>

Add a user to an org:

$ axway org user add <org> <guid|email> --role <role1> [...--role <role2>]

Update a user's roles:

$ axway org user update <org> <guid|email> --role <role1> [...--role <role2>]

Delete a user:

$ axway org user remove <org> <guid|email>

Organization Teams

List all organization teams:

$ axway team list [org]

View a team's info:

$ axway team view <org> <team>

Add a team to an org:

$ axway team add <org> <name> --desc [value] --tag [tag1] --tag [tag2] --default

Update a team:

$ axway team update # shows help

$ axway team update <org> <team> # shows help

$ axway team update <org> <team> --name [value] --desc [value] --tag [tag1] --tag [tag2] --default

Remove a team from an org:

$ axway team remove <org> <team>

Organization Team Users

List all users in a team:

$ axway team user list <org> <team>

Add a user to a team:

$ axway team user add <org> <team> <guid|email> --role <role1> [...--role <role2>]

Update a user's role within a team:

$ axway team user update <org> <team> <guid|email> --role <role1> [...--role <role2>]

Remove a user from a team:

$ axway team user remove <org> <team> <guid|email>

Organization Usage

View the usage:

$ axway org usage <org> --from [yyyy-mm-dd] --to [yyyy-mm-dd]

Organization Activity

View the organization activity:

$ axway org activity <org> --from [yyyy-mm-dd] --to [yyyy-mm-dd]

Organization IdP

Manage the organization identity provider settings:

$ axway org idp <org>

Account Management

View an account including organizations and roles:

$ axway user view

Update your account information:

$ axway user update --first-name <name> --last-name <name>

View your user activity:

$ axway user activity --from [yyyy-mm-dd] --to [yyyy-mm-dd]

Change your log in credentials:

$ axway user credentials


This project is open source under the Apache Public License v2 and is developed by Axway, Inc and the community. Please read the LICENSE file included in this distribution for more information.



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