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    This plugin installs the Base64 flow-node to be used within Axway API Builder's flow editor. The flow-node provides two methods:


    Encodes data into a string using the base64 encoding scheme. If the data is a Buffer or a string, its bytes will be encoded as-is. Otherwise, the data will be first converted using JSON.stringify, and then encoded.

    Param Type Required Description
    data number|boolean|string|object y The data to encode.


    Decodes a base64 encoded string into the provided format (see "Decode data as" parameter).

    Param Type Required Description
    data string y The base64 encoded string.
    as boolean|buffer|number|object|string n If "buffer", data will be returned as a Buffer. If "string", data will be converted to utf-8 String. If "number", the data will be converted to a utf-8 string and then parsed as base 10 integer. If "boolean”, the data will be converted to a utf-8 string and if "false", "0", or empty string, the value is false (otherwise, true). If "object", the value is converted to a utf-8 string and parsed using JSON.parse. Default: buffer

    Getting started

    1. Follow the Getting Started Guide


    After creating your API Builder service (api-builder init), you can install this plugin using npm:

    npm install --no-optional @axway/api-builder-plugin-fn-base64

    The "Base64" flow-node will then be available in the tools panel when creating or editing Flows.



    • #6801: Added internal unit-test.


    • #6555: Breaking change: Updated the Encode method to directly convert to base64 when data input is a raw Buffer.
    • #6555: Updated the Encode method's description to reflect base64 encoding of strings and raw Buffer.
    • #6555: Updated the Decode method's description and parameter as description with extra information about the expected decoded data format.


    • #6452: Changed schema type of Decode method's next output to oneOf number, boolean, string, object.
    • #6452: breaking change: Added the error output to Encode method.
    • #6452: breaking change: Renamed encoded output to next in Encode method.
    • #6452: breaking change: Renamed decoded output to next in Decode method.


    • #6413: Removed axway-flow-sdk dependency.


    • #6413: Migrate from axway-flow-sdk to @axway/api-builder-sdk@1.0.0.
    • #6413: Previously, invalid arguments to decode would cause the flow to exit. Now, the error output will be called.


    • #6315: Internal chore.

    2.1.1 - 2.1.2

    • #6116: Internal cleanup chore.


    • #6093: Removed the explicit maximum supported Node.js version limitation in package.json.
    • #6093: Internal test suite clean up.


    • #6026: Documents ranges of supported Node.js versions in package.json


    • #6074: Internal CI chore

    2.0.4 - 2.0.12

    • #5891: Bump axway-flow-sdk dependency


    • #5711: Internal cleanup of npm scripts.


    • #5708: Internal changes to update mocha configuration


    • #5707: Internal cleanup to code coverage during build process.


    • #5742: Update axway-flow-sdk dependency to fix security vulnerability on dot module.
    • #5742: Breaking Change: Minimum supported verison of API Builder is now 4.5.0


    • #5050: Updating license text.


    • #4757: Changed SCM repository and associated internal cleanup.


    This code is proprietary, closed source software licensed to you by Axway. All Rights Reserved. You may not modify Axway’s code without express written permission of Axway. You are licensed to use and distribute your services developed with the use of this software and dependencies, including distributing reasonable and appropriate portions of the Axway code and dependencies. Except as set forth above, this code MUST not be copied or otherwise redistributed without express written permission of Axway. This module is licensed as part of the Axway Platform and governed under the terms of the Axway license agreement (General Conditions) located here:; EXCEPT THAT IF YOU RECEIVED A FREE SUBSCRIPTION, LICENSE, OR SUPPORT SUBSCRIPTION FOR THIS CODE, NOTWITHSTANDING THE LANGUAGE OF THE GENERAL CONDITIONS, AXWAY HEREBY DISCLAIMS ALL SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE OBLIGATIONS, AS WELL AS ALL EXPRESS AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO IMPLIED INFRINGEMENT WARRANTIES, WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND YOU ACCEPT THE PRODUCT AS-IS AND WITH ALL FAULTS, SOLELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Your right to use this software is strictly limited to the term (if any) of the license or subscription originally granted to you.


    npm i @axway/api-builder-plugin-fn-base64

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