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AWS-UI becomes Cloudscape Design System

On July 19th, 2022, we launched Cloudscape Design System. Cloudscape is an evolution of AWS-UI. It consists of user interface guidelines, front-end components, design resources, and development tools for building intuitive, engaging, and inclusive user experiences at scale. As part of the release, we have begun to publish npm packages to the new @cloudscape-design namespace.

We recommend migrating your existing AWS-UI applications to Cloudscape.

For more information, see our GitHub repository.


AWS UI is a collection of React components that help create intuitive, responsive, and accessible user experiences for web applications. It is developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This work is available under the terms of the Apache 2.0 open source license.

This package provides design tokens to build custom components that are visually consistent with AWS UI components.

This release allows Amazon teams to release open source products that have a dependency on the AWS UI components. It is just the first step in a larger process of creating a new open source design system. You can find more information on GitHub.




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