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    aws-iot-kinesisstreams module

    Stability: Experimental

    All classes are under active development and subject to non-backward compatible changes or removal in any future version. These are not subject to the Semantic Versioning model. This means that while you may use them, you may need to update your source code when upgrading to a newer version of this package.

    Reference Documentation: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/solutions/latest/constructs/
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    This AWS Solutions Construct implements an AWS IoT MQTT topic rule to send data to an Amazon Kinesis Data Stream.

    Here is a minimal deployable pattern definition in Typescript:

    const { IotToKinesisStreamsProps,
            IotToKinesisStreams } from '@aws-solutions-constructs/aws-iot-kinesisstreams';
    const props: IotToKinesisStreamsProps = {
        iotTopicRuleProps: {
            topicRulePayload: {
                ruleDisabled: false,
                description: "Sends data to kinesis data stream",
                sql: "SELECT * FROM 'solutions/construct'",
                actions: []
    new IotToKinesisStreams(this, 'test-iot-kinesisstream', props);


    new IotToKinesisStreams(scope: Construct, id: string, props: IotToKinesisStreamsProps);


    Pattern Construct Props

    Name Type Description
    iotTopicRuleProps iot.CfnTopicRuleProps User provided CfnTopicRuleProps to override the defaults
    existingStreamObj? kinesis.Stream Existing instance of Kinesis Stream, providing both this and kinesisStreamProps will cause an error.
    kinesisStreamProps? kinesis.StreamProps Optional user-provided props to override the default props for the Kinesis data stream, providing both this and existingStreamObj will cause an error
    createCloudWatchAlarms boolean Whether to create recommended CloudWatch alarms for Kinesis Data Stream. Default value is set to true

    Pattern Properties

    Name Type Description
    iotTopicRule iot.CfnTopicRule Returns an instance of iot.CfnTopicRule created by the construct
    iotActionsRole iam.Role Returns an instance of the iam.Role created by the construct for IoT Rule
    kinesisStream kinesis.Stream Returns an instance of the Kinesis stream created by the construct.
    cloudwatchAlarms? cloudwatch.Alarm[] Returns an array of recommended CloudWatch Alarms created by the construct for Kinesis Data stream

    Default settings

    Out of the box implementation of the Construct without any override will set the following defaults:

    Amazon IoT Rule

    • Configure least privilege access IAM role for Amazon IoT Rule

    Amazon Kinesis Data Stream

    • Configure recommended CloudWatch Alarms for Amazon Kinesis Data Stream
    • Configure least privilege access IAM role for Amazon Kinesis Data Stream


    Architecture Diagram

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    npm i @aws-solutions-constructs/aws-iot-kinesisstreams

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