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aws-fargate-sns module

Stability: Experimental

All classes are under active development and subject to non-backward compatible changes or removal in any future version. These are not subject to the Semantic Versioning model. This means that while you may use them, you may need to update your source code when upgrading to a newer version of this package.

Reference Documentation: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/solutions/latest/constructs/
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This AWS Solutions Construct implements an AWS Fargate service that can write to an Amazon SNS topic

Here is a minimal deployable pattern definition:


import { Construct } from 'constructs';
import { Stack, StackProps } from 'aws-cdk-lib';
import { FargateToSns, FargateToSnsProps } from '@aws-solutions-constructs/aws-fargate-sns';

const constructProps: FargateToSnsProps = {
    publicApi: true,
    ecrRepositoryArn: "arn:aws:ecr:us-east-1:123456789012:repository/your-ecr-repo"

new FargateToSns(this, 'test-construct', constructProps);


from aws_solutions_constructs.aws_fargate_sns import FargateToSns, FargateToSnsProps
from aws_cdk import (
from constructs import Construct

FargateToSns(self, 'test_construct',


import software.constructs.Construct;

import software.amazon.awscdk.Stack;
import software.amazon.awscdk.StackProps;
import software.amazon.awsconstructs.services.fargatesns.*;

new FargateToSns(this, "test_construct", new FargateToSnsProps.Builder()

Pattern Construct Props

Name Type Description
publicApi boolean Whether the construct is deploying a private or public API. This has implications for the VPC.
vpcProps? ec2.VpcProps Optional custom properties for a VPC the construct will create. This VPC will be used by any Private Hosted Zone the construct creates (that's why loadBalancerProps and privateHostedZoneProps can't include a VPC). Providing both this and existingVpc is an error.
existingVpc? ec2.IVpc An existing VPC in which to deploy the construct. Providing both this and vpcProps is an error. If the client provides an existing load balancer and/or existing Private Hosted Zone, those constructs must exist in this VPC.
clusterProps? ecs.ClusterProps Optional properties to create a new ECS cluster. To provide an existing cluster, use the cluster attribute of fargateServiceProps.
ecrRepositoryArn? string The arn of an ECR Repository containing the image to use to generate the containers. Either this or the image property of containerDefinitionProps must be provided. format: arn:aws:ecr:region:account number:repository/Repository Name
ecrImageVersion? string The version of the image to use from the repository. Defaults to 'Latest'
containerDefinitionProps? ecs.ContainerDefinitionProps | any Optional props to define the container created for the Fargate Service (defaults found in fargate-defaults.ts)
fargateTaskDefinitionProps? ecs.FargateTaskDefinitionProps | any Optional props to define the Fargate Task Definition for this construct (defaults found in fargate-defaults.ts)
fargateServiceProps? ecs.FargateServiceProps | any Optional values to override default Fargate Task definition properties (fargate-defaults.ts). The construct will default to launching the service is the most isolated subnets available (precedence: Isolated, Private and Public). Override those and other defaults here.
existingFargateServiceObject? ecs.FargateService A Fargate Service already instantiated (probably by another Solutions Construct). If this is specified, then no props defining a new service can be provided, including: ecrImageVersion, containerDefinitionProps, fargateTaskDefinitionProps, ecrRepositoryArn, fargateServiceProps, clusterProps
existingContainerDefinitionObject? ecs.ContainerDefinition A container definition already instantiated as part of a Fargate service. This must be the container in the existingFargateServiceObject
existingTopicObj? sns.Topic Existing instance of SNS Topic object, providing both this and topicProps will cause an error.
topicProps? sns.TopicProps Optional user provided properties to override the default properties for the SNS topic.
topicArnEnvironmentVariableName? string Optional Name for the container environment variable set to the ARN of the topic. Default: SNS_TOPIC_ARN
topicNameEnvironmentVariableName? string Optional Name for the container environment variable set to the name of the topic. Default: SNS_TOPIC_NAME
enableEncryptionWithCustomerManagedKey? boolean If no key is provided, this flag determines whether the SNS Topic is encrypted with a new CMK or an AWS managed key. This flag is ignored if any of the following are defined: topicProps.masterKey, encryptionKey or encryptionKeyProps.
encryptionKey? kms.Key An optional, imported encryption key to encrypt the SNS Topic with.
encryptionKeyProps? kms.KeyProps Optional user provided properties to override the default properties for the KMS encryption key used to encrypt the SNS Topic with.

Pattern Properties

Name Type Description
vpc ec2.IVpc The VPC used by the construct (whether created by the construct or provided by the client)
service ecs.FargateService The AWS Fargate service used by this construct (whether created by this construct or passed to this construct at initialization)
container ecs.ContainerDefinition The container associated with the AWS Fargate service in the service property.
snsTopic sns.Topic Returns an instance of the SNS topic created by the pattern.

Default settings

Out of the box implementation of the Construct without any override will set the following defaults:

AWS Fargate Service

  • Sets up an AWS Fargate service
    • Uses the existing service if provided
    • Creates a new service if none provided.
      • Service will run in isolated subnets if available, then private subnets if available and finally public subnets
    • Adds environment variables to the container with the ARN and Name of the SNS topic
    • Add permissions to the container IAM role allowing it to publish to the SNS topic

Amazon SNS Topic

  • Sets up an Amazon SNS topic
    • Uses an existing topic if one is provided, otherwise creates a new one
  • Adds an Interface Endpoint to the VPC for SNS (the service by default runs in Isolated or Private subnets)


Architecture Diagram

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