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aws-eventbridge-stepfunctions module

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Reference Documentation: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/solutions/latest/constructs/
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This AWS Solutions Construct implements an AWS Events rule and an AWS Step Functions State Machine

Here is a minimal deployable pattern definition:


import { Construct } from 'constructs';
import { Stack, StackProps, Duration } from 'aws-cdk-lib';
import { EventbridgeToStepfunctions, EventbridgeToStepfunctionsProps } from '@aws-solutions-constructs/aws-eventbridge-stepfunctions';
import * as stepfunctions from 'aws-cdk-lib/aws-stepfunctions';
import * as events from 'aws-cdk-lib/aws-events';

const startState = new stepfunctions.Pass(this, 'StartState');

const constructProps: EventbridgeToStepfunctionsProps = {
  stateMachineProps: {
    definition: startState
  eventRuleProps: {
    schedule: events.Schedule.rate(Duration.minutes(5))

new EventbridgeToStepfunctions(this, 'test-eventbridge-stepfunctions-stack', constructProps);


from aws_solutions_constructs.aws_eventbridge_stepfunctions import EventbridgeToStepfunctions, EventbridgeToStepfunctionsProps
from aws_cdk import (
    aws_stepfunctions as stepfunctions,
    aws_events as events,
from constructs import Construct

startState = stepfunctions.Pass(self, 'StartState')

EventbridgeToStepfunctions(self, 'test-eventbridge-stepfunctions-stack',


import software.constructs.Construct;

import software.amazon.awscdk.Stack;
import software.amazon.awscdk.StackProps;
import software.amazon.awscdk.Duration;
import software.amazon.awscdk.services.events.*;
import software.amazon.awscdk.services.stepfunctions.*;
import software.amazon.awsconstructs.services.eventbridgestepfunctions.*;

final Pass startState = new Pass(this, "StartState");

new EventbridgeToStepfunctions(this,
        new EventbridgeToStepfunctionsProps.Builder()
                .stateMachineProps(new StateMachineProps.Builder()
                .eventRuleProps(new RuleProps.Builder()

Pattern Construct Props

Name Type Description
stateMachineProps sfn.StateMachineProps Optional user provided props to override the default props for sfn.StateMachine
existingEventBusInterface? events.IEventBus Optional user-provided custom EventBus for construct to use. Providing both this and eventBusProps results an error.
eventBusProps? events.EventBusProps Optional user-provided properties to override the default properties when creating a custom EventBus. Setting this value to {} will create a custom EventBus using all default properties. If neither this nor existingEventBusInterface is provided the construct will use the default EventBus. Providing both this and existingEventBusInterface results an error.
eventRuleProps events.RuleProps User provided eventRuleProps to override the defaults
createCloudWatchAlarms boolean Whether to create recommended CloudWatch alarms
logGroupProps? logs.LogGroupProps User provided props to override the default props for for the CloudWatchLogs LogGroup.

Pattern Properties

Name Type Description
eventBus? events.IEventBus Returns the instance of events.IEventBus used by the construct
eventsRule events.Rule Returns an instance of events.Rule created by the construct
stateMachine sfn.StateMachine Returns an instance of sfn.StateMachine created by the construct
stateMachineLogGroup logs.ILogGroup Returns an instance of the ILogGroup created by the construct for StateMachine
cloudwatchAlarms? cloudwatch.Alarm[] Returns a list of cloudwatch.Alarm created by the construct

Default settings

Out of the box implementation of the Construct without any override will set the following defaults:

Amazon CloudWatch Events Rule

  • Grant least privilege permissions to CloudWatch Events to trigger the Lambda Function

AWS Step Function

  • Enable CloudWatch logging for API Gateway
  • Deploy best practices CloudWatch Alarms for the Step Function


Architecture Diagram

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