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AWS Encryption SDK for Javascript Browser Integration

This repository is for compatibility tests with the other versions of the AWS Encryption SDKs. It's purpose is to facilitate testing the set of test vectors the AWS Encryption SDK. The test vectors can be found at https://github.com/awslabs/aws-encryption-sdk-test-vectors. Manifest information can be found at https://github.com/awslabs/aws-crypto-tools-test-vector-framework.

It does not provide any useful functionality upon which you may want to build any dependencies. Instead you want to use it to verify environments (make sure the AWS Encryption SDK works on them). It uses karma under the hood to run in a browser.

To test browser compatibility

  1. Download a manifest zip file from aws-encryption-sdk-test-vectors or a supported format.
  2. Select or download both an encrypt manifest list and key manifest from aws-crypto-tools-test-vector-framework.
  3. Execute the CLI to run the integration tests for decrypt and encrypt.

integration-browser is installed as a dependency or globally

decrypt tests

integration_browser decrypt -v path/to/test/vectors/zip --karma

encrypt tests

integration_browser encrypt -m "path/or/url/to/manifest" -k "path/or/url/to/key" -o "url/to/decrypt/oracle" --karma

integration-browser has been checked out local

decrypt tests

npm run build_fixtures -- decrypt -v path/to/test/vectors/zip --karma

encrypt tests

npm run build_fixtures -- encrypt -m "path/or/url/to/manifest" -k "path/or/url/to/key" -o "url/to/decrypt/oracle" --karma

Test Integration

Just run

npm test

to run the tests.




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