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    AWS CodeCommit Construct Library

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    AWS CodeCommit is a version control service that enables you to privately store and manage Git repositories in the AWS cloud.

    For further information on CodeCommit, see the AWS CodeCommit documentation.

    To add a CodeCommit Repository to your stack:

    const repo = new codecommit.Repository(this, 'Repository', {
      repositoryName: 'MyRepositoryName',
      description: 'Some description.', // optional property

    Use the repositoryCloneUrlHttp, repositoryCloneUrlSsh or repositoryCloneUrlGrc property to clone your repository.

    To add an Amazon SNS trigger to your repository:

    declare const repo: codecommit.Repository;
    // trigger is established for all repository actions on all branches by default.

    Add initial commit

    It is possible to initialize the Repository via the Code class. It provides methods for loading code from a directory, .zip file and from a pre-created CDK Asset.


    const repo = new codecommit.Repository(this, 'Repository', {
      repositoryName: 'MyRepositoryName',
      code: codecommit.Code.fromDirectory(path.join(__dirname, 'directory/'), 'develop'), // optional property, branch parameter can be omitted


    CodeCommit repositories emit Amazon CloudWatch events for certain activities. Use the repo.onXxx methods to define rules that trigger on these events and invoke targets as a result:

    import * as sns from '@aws-cdk/aws-sns';
    import * as targets from '@aws-cdk/aws-events-targets';
    declare const repo: codecommit.Repository;
    declare const project: codebuild.PipelineProject;
    declare const myTopic: sns.Topic;
    // starts a CodeBuild project when a commit is pushed to the "master" branch of the repo
    repo.onCommit('CommitToMaster', {
      target: new targets.CodeBuildProject(project),
      branches: ['master'],
    // publishes a message to an Amazon SNS topic when a comment is made on a pull request
    const rule = repo.onCommentOnPullRequest('CommentOnPullRequest', {
      target: new targets.SnsTopic(myTopic),

    CodeStar Notifications

    To define CodeStar Notification rules for Repositories, use one of the notifyOnXxx() methods. They are very similar to onXxx() methods for CloudWatch events:

    import * as chatbot from '@aws-cdk/aws-chatbot';
    declare const repository: codecommit.Repository;
    const target = new chatbot.SlackChannelConfiguration(this, 'MySlackChannel', {
      slackChannelConfigurationName: 'YOUR_CHANNEL_NAME',
      slackWorkspaceId: 'YOUR_SLACK_WORKSPACE_ID',
      slackChannelId: 'YOUR_SLACK_CHANNEL_ID',
    const rule = repository.notifyOnPullRequestCreated('NotifyOnPullRequestCreated', target);


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