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    Awesome Nodes Zero Configuration Build System

    Integrated Zero Configuration Build System for Awesome Nodes Apps and Framework Components

    Project Goals

    Zero Configuration Build

    The main target of Build System is to provide out of the box building of TypeScript libraries as:

    • ES5 for NodeJS applications
    • ES6 for tree shaking builds
    • and as UMD bundle for web applications

    Command-Let Development

    The secondary target of Build System is to provide out of the box command-let development with exit code handling. Command-let development provides a neat way for writing business logic in complex continuous integration scenarios.

    Exit Code Handling

    Exit code handling ensures intercommunication of execution status between command-lets and execution host.

    There is no chance to exit not gracefully when using Command-Let`s written with Build System.

    See src/lib/demo.cmdlet.ts and src/lib/demo.ts for a quick demonstration.


    BuildSystem can be installed globally

    $ npm run start


    $ npm install -g @awesome-nodes/build-system



    Run Builds-System locally

    $ node bin/bs -h

    Run Builds-System globally installed or as project dependency

    $ bs -h

    Help Output

      -V, --version                         output the version number
      -tc, --team-city                      Enable TeamCity compatible logging (default: false)
      -v, --verbose                         Verbose output (default: false)
      -h, --help                            display help for command
      bundle-babel [options] [params...]
      bundle-webpack [options] [params...]
      demo [options] [params...]
      npm-install [options] [params...]
      help [command]                        display help for command


    1. Install Build System within your node library project as development dependency
      $ npm install --save-dev @awesome-nodes/build-system
    2. Add build scripts to your node package configuration
        "scripts": {
          "build": "concurrently \"npm run build:es\" \"npm run build:umd\"",
          "build:es": "bs bundle-babel -a",
          "build:umd": "bs bundle-webpack",
          "build:watch": "cross-env NODE_ENV=development concurrently \"npm run build:es -- -w\" \"npm run build:umd -- -w\""

    Build System Node Module

    Directory Layout

    • bin - Build System command line binary
    • lib - Build System library
    • src - Build System sources

    Node Module Build

    Usage of NPM instead of Yarn

    Zero configuration requires to be non dependent on any dependency for initial build host provisioning. So we relay on the npm node package manager for any kind of node module specific operations.


    npm i @awesome-nodes/build-system

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