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    AwayJS Scene

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    Dependency for AwayJS applications requiring a heirarchical scenegraph: contains data structures for a collection of display object types, as well as geometric prefabs for simple 2D & 3D objects.


    Official AwayJS Documentation

    AwayJS Dependencies

    • core
    • graphics

    Internal Structure

    • adapters
      used for scripting

    • base
      Enums for various display object settings, root data classes for timeline and touch data

    • bounds
      (to be moved to view module)

    • controllers
      Custom interaction controls for display objects

    • display
      display objects that can be added to a scene heirarchy, including basic billboards, lines and text, as well as more configurable Sprite objects that expose the graphics API

    • errors
      Error types

    • events
      Event objects for scene classes

    • factories
      Interface for timelines

    • lightpickers
      Objects for selecting lightsources (to be moved to materials module)

    • managers
      manager classes for fonts and frame scripts

    • prefabs
      Generator clases for simple display objects such as Cube, Sphere, Torus etc

    • shadowmappers
      Helper classes for shadows (to be moved to materials module)

    • text
      Helper classes for text

    • tools
      Merge tool for combining display objects (or a heirarchy of display objects) into a single sprite

    • utils
      Cast tool for converting data types (deprecated)


    npm i @awayjs/scene

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