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    Metalsmith plugin to watch for changes and trigger partial and full rebuilds.


    $ npm install metalsmith-watch


    var metalsmith = require('metalsmith');
    var watch = require('metalsmith-watch');
          paths: {
            "${source}/**/*": true,
            "templates/**/*": "**/*.md",
          livereload: true,


    paths (default: {"${source}/**/*": true})

    Map of paths to trigger rebuild. Both keys and value accept a glob pattern.

      "file(s) to watch": "file(s) to rebuild"

    Value accept a boolean. When a boolean is used, only watched files changed will be rebuilded.

      "${source}/**/*": true, // every changed files will trigger a rebuild of themselves
      "templates/**/*": "**/*", // every templates changed will trigger a rebuild of all files

    Please note that:

    • ${source} is replaced by metalsmith.source().
    • values of the map are relative to metalsmith.source() (because it's the only place where to build files)

    livereload (default: false)

    Allows you to enable a livereload server. Using a boolean will enable a livereload server on port the default port is 35729. Accept a port number to start on the port you need.

    To get live reload working properly, you should add the following <script> in your templates files to enable livereloading of each pages:

    <script src="http://localhost:35729/livereload.js"></script>

    Make sure to update the port number in the script above accordingly to the port specified.

    onUpdateCallback (default: undefined)

    Allows you to define a function to get called after metalsmith has reloaded all the files. If a function is passed, this will be called with the updated files and all options passed.

      onUpdateCallback: function (files, options) {
        // Called on every rebuild

    log (default: function(...args) { console.log(prefix, ...args)})

    Function used to display the logs.

    invalidateCache (default: true)

    Allows you to enable cache invalidation for js files. Convenient if you use some js files for templates (eg: React templates) to get updated components. If disabled you won't get update for changed js files as node/iojs use a cache.




    npm i @auser/metalsmith-watch

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