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Completely modular commands, inhibitors, and listeners

  • Reading files recursively from directories.
  • Adding, removing, and reloading modules.
  • Creating your own handlers and module types.

Flexible command handling and creation

  • Command aliases.
  • Command throttling and cooldowns.
  • Client and user permission checks.
  • Running commands on edits and editing previous responses.
  • Multiple prefixes and mention prefixes.
  • Regular expression and conditional triggers.

Complex and highly customizable arguments

  • Support for quoted arguments.
  • Arguments based on previous arguments.
  • Several ways to match arguments, such as flag arguments.
  • Casting input into certain types.
    • Simple types such as string, integer, float, url, date, etc.
    • Discord-related types such as user, member, message, etc.
    • Types that you can add yourself.
    • Asynchronous type casting.
  • Prompting for input for arguments.
    • Customizable prompts with embeds, files, etc.
    • Easily include dynamic data such as the incorrect input.
    • Infinite argument prompting.

Blocking and monitoring messages with inhibitors

  • Run at various stages of command handling.
    • On all messages.
    • On messages that are from valid users.
    • On messages before commands.

Helpful events and modular listeners

  • Events for handlers, such as loading modules.
  • Events for various stages of command handling.
  • Reloadable listeners to easily separate your event handling.

Useful utilities and database providers

  • Resolvers for members, users, and others that can filter by name.
  • Shortcut methods for making embeds and collections.
  • Simple to use database providers.
    • Built-in support for mongoose, sqlite and sequelize.
    • Works on entire table or single JSON column.
    • Caching data from databases.


Requires Node 12+ and Discord.js v12.

npm install @auric/discord-akairo yarn add @auric/discord-akairo

npm install discord.js yarn add discord.js



Open an issue or a pull request!
Everyone is welcome to do so.
Make sure to run npm test before committing.

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