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    atomist sdm goals npm version

    Atomist software delivery machine (SDM) extension pack providing fingerprinting support.

    See the Atomist documentation for more information on what SDMs are and what they can do for you using the Atomist API for software.


    This pack sets a goal to monitor all git pushes and trackes the following aspects:

    • leiningen project.clj files are monitored for updates to library dependencies and project version.
    • maven pom.xml files are monitored for updates to maven library dependencies and version coordinates.
    • npm package.json files are monitored for updates to module dependencies and package version changes.

    This monitoring happens computing a set of fingerprints on every commit. The fingerprints that are computed depend on the type of project. We currently compute fingerprints for maven, clojure, and npm projects.

    • npm-project-deps, clojure-project-deps, and maven-project-deps
    • npm-project-coordinates, clojure-project-coordinates, maven-project-coordinates

    When a new fingerprint is computed, we can drive interesting behaviors such as:

    • check whether a library is up to date with a set of team-wide goals and offer to push a PR if not
    • check whether a new version of a library is available and check whether consumers need to update to this new version


    Make the following updates to your machine:

    1. Add the imports and create a Goal to represent dependency fingerprinting
    import { fingerprintSupport } from "@atomist/sdm-pack-fingerprints";
    import { Fingerprint } from "@atomist/sdm";
    // create a goal to fingerprint all new Pushes
    export FingerprintGoal = new Fingerprint();
    1. Enable the FingerprintGoal for some push rules. Normally, this is done as part of creating your machine:
        // there will usually be more than one Push rule here
        const sdm = createSoftwareDeliveryMachine({
                .itMeans("fingerprint a clojure project")
    1. Add the pack to your new sdm definition:

    There'll be some new imports:

    import {
    } from "@atomist/sdm-pack-fingerprints";

    and then you'll have to add the extension pack to your machine definition:

        // add this pack to your SDM
                async (p: GitProject) => {
                    // COMPUTE fingerprints: called on every Push
                    return depsFingerprints(p.baseDir);
                async (p: GitProject, fp: FP) => {
                    // APPLY fingerprint to Project (currently only through user actions in chat)
                    return applyFingerprint(p.baseDir, fp);
                    selector: forFingerprints("backpack-react-scripts"),
                    handler: async (ctx, diff) => {
                        // HANDLE new fingerprint (even if it hasn't changed in this push)
                        return checkFingerprintTargets(ctx, diff);
                    diffHandler: async (ctx, diff) => {
                        // HANDLE new fingerprint (only when the fingerprint sha is updated)
                        return renderDiffSnippet(ctx, diff);

    In the example above, we have a module which computes a set of fingerprints on every Push (one of them is named backpack-react-scripts). The pack also notices if a newly computed fingerprint has either changed, or is different from a goal state. It will then present the user with options to do things like:

    • set new targets
    • update a project to be in sync with a target fingerprint
    • apply a fingerprint to a project for the first time
    • broadcast a message to all projects out of sync with the fingerprint


    General support questions should be discussed in the #support channel in the Atomist community Slack workspace.

    If you find a problem, please create an issue.


    You will need to install node to build and test this project.

    Build and test

    Use the following package scripts to build, test, and perform other development tasks.

    Command Reason
    npm install install project dependencies
    npm run build compile, test, lint, and generate docs
    npm run lint run TSLint against the TypeScript
    npm run compile generate types from GraphQL and compile TypeScript
    npm test run tests
    npm run autotest run tests every time a file changes
    npm run clean remove files generated during build


    Releases are handled via the Atomist SDM. Just press the 'Approve' button in the Atomist dashboard or Slack.

    Created by Atomist. Need Help? Join our Slack workspace.


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