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Node module @atomist/rugs that brings in all the dependencies and helpers you need to write Rugs using TypeScript. See the Atomist Documentation for more information.

This module brings in all needed Rug dependencies and contains some helper classes and interfaces for writing Rugs and , serving as single place for us to deliver all Rug-related TypeScript/JavaScript tooling on a distinct life cycle from Rug, Cortex, etc. Any time the interfaces for the @atomist/rug and @atomist/cortex modules change, this project should be updated to bring in those new versions. Then a new release of this module should be made, incrementing the version appropriately.


General support questions should be discussed in the #support channel on our community Slack team at atomist-community.slack.com.

If you find a problem, please create an issue.


This is a standard TypeScript module. You will need Node.js, which installs npm, and TypeScript installed.

$ npm install


Test using the standard approach for Node modules.

$ npm test


To create a new release of the project, simply push a tag of the form M.N.P where M, N, and P are integers that form the next appropriate semantic version for release. The version in the package.json is replaced by the build and is totally ignored! For example:

$ git tag -a 1.2.3

The Travis CI build (see badge at the top of this page) will publish the NPM module and automatically create a GitHub release using the tag name for the release and the comment provided on the annotated tag as the contents of the release notes.

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npm i @atomist/rugs

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