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An internationalization i18n helper for WRM and React that can be used in Atlassian Server products and plugins.


If your work with the modern Front-End Server and React library there is a good chance you are already using I18n.getText() helper to internationalize your application. The bad news is, you can't fully use React components when you want to substitute the phrase arguments.

The @atlassian/wrm-react-i18n can help you with solving that problem. It's a small library build on top of the I18n.getText() function that adds the missing gap between WRM translation system and React.

For more information about the translations system check the Atlassian Development documentation page:


npm install @atlassian/wrm-react-i18n --save

Usage example


my.phrase.id=Hello {0} {1}!


import { I18n } from '@atlassian/wrm-react-i18n';
import BarComponent from './BarComponent.jsx';

class MyFooComponent extends React.Component {
  render() {
    return <p>{I18n.getText('my.phrase.id', <strong>React</strong>, <BarComponent>World</BarComponent>)}</p>;

webpack config

Atlassian Web-Resource webpack Plugin

The @atlassian/wrm-react-i18n package depends on the browser runtime dependency called wrm/i18n. This is not the NPM package but AMD module defined in the browser runtime of a server product.

You need to use webpack and Atlassian Web-Resource webpack Plugin in order to bundle your Javascript code. Take a look at the example how to provide the require dependency:

// webpack.config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
    new WRMPlugin({
      // your WRM config

      providedDependencies: {
        'wrm/i18n': {
          dependency: 'com.atlassian.plugins.atlassian-plugins-webresource-plugin:i18n',
          import: {
            var: 'require("wrm/i18n")',
            amd: 'wrm/i18n',

For more information about the WRM Plugin please check the plugin page.

Minification of production bundle

You need to tell webpack not to minimize the usage of I18n.getText(). During the runtime of the server product WRM will transform your phrase keys into proper translations.

Starting from version 4.26.0 webpack is using new default minimizer called Terser.

Please check you webpack version before adding the required mangle exception.


If you are using default webpack Terser plugin:

// webpack.config.js
const TerserPlugin = require('terser-webpack-plugin');

module.exports = {
  optimization: {
    minimizer: [
      new TerserPlugin({
        terserOptions: {
          mangle: {
            // Don't mangle usage of I18n.getText() function
            reserved: ['I18n', 'getText'],


If you are using Uglify use this snippet:

// webpack.config.js
const UglifyJsPlugin = require('uglifyjs-webpack-plugin');

module.exports = {
  optimization: {
    minimizer: [
      new UglifyJsPlugin({
        uglifyOptions: {
          mangle: {
            // Don't mangle usage of I18n.getText() function
            reserved: ['I18n', 'getText'],


Why do I need to use this package?

There is a good chance that you actually don't need to use this package at all. If you are not using, React neither you are not using the substitution in your translation phrases that are a React components, then you don't need to us it.

If you only want to translate a regular string like e.g. I18n.getText('foo.bar.key) then you can import the built-in runtime package called wrm/i18n:

import { i18n } from 'wrm/i18n';


The @atlassian/wrm-react-i18n package is compatible with the wrm/i18n package and you should use only one of them inside a single ESM module.


Writing unit test with Jest

If you will start using I18n.getText() function, then you will find that your unit tests will start failing with this error message:

Cannot find module 'wrm/format' from 'wrm-react-i18n.js'


Cannot find module 'wrm/i18n' from 'wrm-react-i18n.js'

In order to fix that you need to provide a missing module that is only available in the browser runtime when you run the Atlassian server product:

  1. Locate and edit your Jest config file e.g. jest.config.js
  2. Add module mapping for the missing modules:
module.exports = {
  moduleNameMapper: {
    '^wrm/format$': '<rootDir>/node_modules/@atlassian/wrm-react-i18n/format.js',
    '^wrm/i18n$': '<rootDir>/node_modules/@atlassian/wrm-react-i18n/i18n.js',

The correct path to your node_modules directory might depend on the location where you store the jest.config.js file. For more information about the moduleNameMapper options visit the Jest documentation page.

Using with *.properties webpack loader

This package can be used with the @atlassian/i18n-properties-loader when you run your code with webpack dev server.

You can check the package description for more details and learn how to integrate it with your webpack configuration.

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