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    Johnson frontend

    This is a frontend module for Johnson framework

    Getting Started

    After installing you can use it by importing the module itself and css:

    import React from 'react';
    import {render} from 'react-dom';
    import Johnson, {JIRA as ProductName} from '@atlassian/johnson';
    import '@atlassian/johnson/build/johnson.css';
      <Johnson endpoints={endpoints} i18n={i18n} initialData={initialData} productName={ProductName} />,


    • endpoints (required)

      An object containing urls where the module will send requests to.

        data: 'url to get events data',
        eventKbClickedAnalytics: 'analytics event, event kb article clicked',
        generalKbClickedAnalytics: 'analytics event, general kb article clicked',
        home: 'product home url',
        dismissEvents: 'url to dismiss events',
        kbLinkStartStop: 'kb article about starting a product',
        kbLinkMigrateConfigManually: 'kb article about migrating custom configurations manually',
        findTheLogs: 'kb article about finding and providing logs for support',
        addAndRemoveSystemProps: 'kb article about adding and removing system properties',
        migrateConfig: 'url to migrate custom configurations after an upgrade',

      kbLinkStartStop example

      findTheLogs example

      addAndRemoveSystemProps example

    • i18n (required)

      An object containing translations.

        '': 'Learn more',
          'johnson.legacy.columnheading.description': 'Description',
          'johnson.legacy.columnheading.exception': 'Exception',
          'johnson.legacy.columnheading.level': 'Level',
          'johnson.legacy.columnheading.time': 'Time',
          '': 'We can\'t show you any more detail here as the <code>hide.system.error.details</code> system property has been set. If you\'d like to see more details here, remove the system property.',
          '': 'Jira had problems starting up',
          '': 'Preparing to start Jira',
          '': 'Jira had failed to start, but we're back up and running again',
          '': 'If you\'re unable to fix the problems and need to contact support, we can respond faster if you provide {0}the logs{1} of your instance.',
          '': 'Finishing up checks',
          '': 'This page is for Jira administrators. If you're seeing this page, your Jira administrator is probably working to restore the service.',
          '': 'Take me to my {0}Jira home{1}.',
          'system.error.progress.completed': 'This process is {0}% complete.',
          '': 'Show {0} files',
          '': 'Close',
          '': 'Copy configuration',
          '': 'The following files contain custom changes, but we can’t copy them automatically. You’ll need to reapply these changes manually.',
          '': 'To copy these changes to your new installation, click <b>Copy configuration.</b>',
          '': 'If you ignore and continue, Jira will start using the default configuration.',
          '': 'Note: Make sure you only copy over the changes not the entire files.',
          '': 'Some of your configuration files contain custom changes',
          '': 'List of modified files',
          '': 'The following files contain custom changes:',
          '': 'The listed configuration files contain custom changes. To keep your current configuration, re-apply these custom changes to the new version of the files during upgrade.',
          '': 'Upgrade: Custom changes have not been carried over',
          '': `One or more files were successfully copied to your new installation. To finalize these changes, {0}restart Jira{1} now.`,
          '': 'Files copied successfully',
          '': 'We successfully copied {0} files to your new installation. If there are no other warnings on this page, you can {1}start Jira{2} now.',
          'johnson.check.acknowledge.warnings.cta': 'Ignore all warnings and continue',
          'johnson.warnings.ignore.cli': 'If you want to ignore these warnings and start Jira, you need to use the {0}-Djira.startup.warnings.disable{1} startup flag that will ignore the warnings. {2}Learn more{3}',
    • productName (required)

      Defines what logo to be shown in the left top corner. Currently supported values: 'confluence', 'jira'.

    • initialData

      Initial events data, if not provided request to will be sent to get it.

        canAuthoriseUsers: bool, indicating that a product loaded far enough to be able to authorise users,
        checksComplete: bool, if true loading gif will appear at the bottom of the page,
        events: array of events, can be new or old, see below,
        errorsPresentButHidden: bool, should be true when hide.system.error.details flag is set

      New style event:

        description: 'required, event description',
        helpLink: 'not required, a link to be attached to description, works only with new events',
        title: 'required, event title',
        level: 'required, event level, can be fatal, error or warning. ',
        dismissible: 'not required, bool, indicates whether or not event is dismissible',
        templateContext: {  // not required, contains event rendering details 
          type: 'template name, apart from default can be configCustomisation or configCustomisationSuccess,
          filesThatCanBeCopied: 'array of config files that can be migrated automatically to a new version, used in configCustomisation template',
          filesThatCannotBeCopied: 'array of config files that can not be migrated automatically to a new version, used in configCustomisation template',
          numberOfFilesCopied: 'number of config files migrated to a new version, used in configCustomisationSuccess template',

      Old style event:

        old: 'should be set for old events',
        additionalMarkup: 'additional html markup to be attached to description. Can contain translation aliases, in that case make sure its included in i18n prop',


    npm i @atlassian/johnson

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