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Forge GraphQL toolkit

What is it?

The @atlassian/forge-graphql package provides commonly used GraphQL requests against Atlassian GraphQL Gateway wrapped up as a convenient API fit for Forge App developer consumption, for use in Forge apps.

How to Install

For the latest version, run:

npm install @atlassian/forge-graphql

Package documentation

Refer to the Forge GraphQL toolkit documentation for more thorough documentation of the methods defined in the package.


import graphqlGateway from '@atlassian/forge-graphql';

const id =

const {
  data: { component },
} = await graphqlGateway.compass.asUser().getComponent({ componentId: id });

Let's break down this example.

The graphqlGateway object is an instantiation of the Api class. There is a function on graphqlGateway called compass which contains all the Compass related functionality. The return value of this compass function is an object defined by the CompassApi class. The resulting object has two methods defined on it which are asUser() and asApp(). Both of which return an object defined by the class CompassRequests. CompassRequests contains multiple methods that make requests to Graphql Gateway. (Scroll through the left sidebar here to see all the requests you can make to Graphql Gateway.) The request defined in this example is a getComponent query. This query uses the parameters defined by the GetComponentInput type and returns an object of type ComponentPayload wrapped in an ApiPayload and returned as a Promise. The ApiPayload defines the errors and data properties while the ComponentPayload defines the type of the data returned.

Below is an example of a mutation you can make.

import graphqlGateway, {
} from '@atlassian/forge-graphql';

const {
  data: { component },
} = await graphqlGateway.compass.asApp().createComponent({
  cloudId: '4e381e6e-957b-3f8d-a8c2-2509478c45b1',
  name: 'Example Compass component',
  typeId: 'SERVICE',
  links: [
      type: CompassLinkType.Repository,
      url: 'https://github.com/atlassian-labs/gitlab-for-compass',

This example uses the createComponent mutation. The input to the mutation is defined by CreateComponentInput which extends BaseComponentInput. And the function returns an object of type ComponentPayload wrapped in an ApiPayload and returned as a Promise.

How to contribute

This repository is designed to enable Forge developers by allowing them to quickly write requests to AGG. We appreciate your bugfixes and improvements in this effort. Read below to learn how to take part in improving Forge GraphQL toolkit.


See CONTRIBUTING.md to learn how to report bugs, suggest enhancements, and make changes via pull requests.

Code of Conduct

Participation in Forge GraphQL toolkit community is governed by the CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md


Copyright (c) 2021 Atlassian and others. Apache 2.0 licensed, see LICENSE file.




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