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Athena V3 Deployments

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This Node.js repository contains the configuration and deployment scripts for the Athena V3 protocol core and periphery contracts. The repository makes use of hardhat and hardhat-deploy tools to facilitate the deployment of Athena V3 protocol.


Getting Started

  1. Install Node.JS dependencies:

    npm i
  2. Compile contracts before running any other command, to generate Typechain TS typings:

    npm run compile

How to deploy Athena V3 in testnet network

To deploy Athena V3 in a Testnet network, copy the .env.example into a .env file, and fill the environment variables MNEMONIC, and ALCHEMY_KEY.

cp .env.example .env

Edit the .env file to fill the environment variables MNEMONIC, ALCHEMY_KEY and MARKET_NAME. You can check all possible pool configurations in this file.

nano .env

Run the deployments scripts and specify which network & athena market configs you wish to deploy.

HARDHAT_NETWORK=goerli npx hardhat deploy

How to deploy Athena V3 in fork network

You can use the environment variable FORK with the network name to deploy into a fork.

FORK=main MARKET_NAME=Athena npx hardhat deploy

How to integrate in your Hardhat project

You can install the @athenalend/deploy-v3 package in your Hardhat project to be able to import deployments with hardhat-deploy and build on top of Athena in local or testnet network.

To make it work, you must install the following packages in your project:

npm i --save-dev @athenalend/deploy-v3 @athenalend/core-v3 @athenalend/periphery-v3

Then, proceed to load the deploy scripts adding the externals field in your Hardhat config file at hardhat.config.js|ts.

# Content of hardhat.config.ts file

export default hardhatConfig: HardhatUserConfig = {
   external: {
    contracts: [
        artifacts: 'node_modules/@athenalend/deploy-v3/artifacts',
        deploy: 'node_modules/@athenalend/deploy-v3/dist/deploy',

After all is configured, you can run npx hardhat deploy to run the scripts or you can also run it programmatically in your tests using fixtures:

import {getPoolAddressesProvider} from '@athenalend/deploy-v3';

describe('Tests', () => {
   before(async () => {
      // Set the MARKET_NAME env var
      process.env.MARKET_NAME = "Athena"

      // Deploy Athena V3 contracts before running tests
      await hre.deployments.fixture(['market', 'periphery-post']);`

   it('Get Pool address from AddressesProvider', async () => {
      const addressesProvider = await getPoolAddressesProvider();

      const poolAddress = await addressesProvider.getPool();

      console.log('Pool', poolAddress);

How to verify your contract deployments

npx hardhat --network XYZ etherscan-verify --api-key YZX

Project Structure

Path Description
deploy/ Main deployment scripts dir location
├─ 00-core/ Core deployment, only needed to run once per network.
├─ 01-periphery_pre/ Periphery contracts deployment, only need to run once per network.
├─ 02-market/ Market deployment scripts, depends of Core and Periphery deployment.
├─ 03-periphery_post/ Periphery contracts deployment after market is deployed.
deployments/ Artifacts location of the deployments, contains the addresses, the abi, solidity input metadata and the constructor parameters.
markets/ Directory to configure Athena markets
tasks/ Hardhat tasks to setup and review market configs
helpers/ Utility helpers to manage configs and deployments


Please be aware that Athena V3 is under BSUL license as of 27 January 2023 or date specified at v3-license-date.athena.eth. The Licensor hereby grants you the right to copy, modify, create derivative works, redistribute, and make non-production use of the Licensed Work. Any exceptions to this license may be specified by Athena governance. This repository containing the deployment scripts for the Athena V3 smart contracts can only be used for local or testing purposes. If you wish to deploy to a production environment you can reach out to Athena Governance here.




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