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    Welcome to @atao/fse-cli

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    A CLI for fs-extra.

    Since release 0.1, @atao60/fse-cli will only support Node.js 12 and above.
    Releases 0.0.x are last ones to support LTS release 10 of Node.js.
    Moreover the support is also removed for Node.js release 13.

    💡 Rational

    Everyone needs simple file system operations like copy, remove, clean, ... that can be used from the terminal or via scripts.

    There are many Npm packages that provide all or any of this:

    This package just provides many of them from a unique CLI, without any pretention to be any kind of shell.

    It is based on the API Node.js: fs-extra.

    If an API is needed, use Node.js: fs-extra, not @atao60/fse-cli. If only because the latter embeds a npm-shrinkwrap.json expunged from dev dependencies.

    The available CLI commands are fully functional and tested. However it's still a work in progress:

    • Not all fs-extra functions are mapped yet. Please, feel free to open an issue if there is something you would like supported.
    • More tests to come, even if they will only concern the CLI part without overlapping fs-extra's tests.

    🏁 Quickstart


    Each command is available:

    • either as a stand alone one, i.e. fse-<command> or fse-cli-<command>,
    • or as a sub command, i.e. fse <command> or fse-cli <command>.

    The arguments and options of each command are those of Node.js: fs-extra as far as possible, see the manual.

    Let's start with displaying the versions of both @atao60/fse-cli and fs-extra:

    • without installing the package:
    npx @atao60/fse-cli version
    • otherwise after installing the package either in global mode:
    npm install --global @atao60/fse-cli
    fse version
    • or in a project:
    npm install --save-dev @atao60/fse-cli # or `yarn add --dev @atao60/fse-cli`
    fse version

    🎹 Commands

    For more details, see the manual.

    🛠️ Development

    See Contributing.

    🛡️ License

    See MIT.

    Copyright © 2020-2021 Pierre Raoul.

    📜 Credits

    Indeed the API Node.js: fs-extra.

    Furthermore node-fs-extra-cli was very useful to start this project.


    npm i @atao60/fse-cli

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