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REACT table, because I wanted one that took an array of objects as an input. Sort, filter and search functions can be added. Includes column resize.


# with npm
npm install @asup/simple-table


import { iSimpleTableField, iSimpleTableRow, iSimpleTableSort, SimpleTable } from '@asup/simple-table';

... inside REACT component

    id?: string;
    headerLabel?: string;
    fields: iSimpleTableField[];
    keyField: string;
    data: iSimpleTableRow[];
    selectable?: boolean;
    currentSelection?: Key[];
    setCurrentSelection?: (ret: Key[]) => void;
    showSearch?: boolean;
    showFilter?: boolean;
    showPager?: boolean;
    initialFilterSelected?: boolean;
    filterLabel?: string;
    searchLabel?: string;
    tableClassName?: string;
    inputGroupClassName?: string;
    filterLabelClassName?: string;
    filterCheckClassName?: string;
    searchLabelClassName?: string;
    searchInputClassName?: string;
    headerBackgroundColor?: string;


Prop Description Default
id Unique row id simple-table
headerLabel Title used in the at the top of the table 'Simple table'
fields List of columns in the table
keyField Field containing the unique key for each row
data Data to display, must contain a unique key field
selectable Indicates if rows can be selected, using a checkbox false
currentSelection Currently selected row keys
setCurrentSelection Function to update the selected row keys, must be used in conjunction with the selectable indicator
showSearch Indicates whether to show the search input. All fields with a defined search function will be searched true
showFilter Indicates whether to show the filter checkbox false
showPager Indicates whether to show the pager in the footer. true
initialFilterSelected Indicates whether the filter checkbox is checked on the initial render false
filterLabel Label for the filter checkbox 'Filter'
searchLabel Label for the search input 'Search'
tableClassName Class names to apply to the table element. ''
inputGroupClassName Not currently implemented form-group
filterLabelClassName Not currently implemented form-check-label
filterCheckClassName Class names to apply to the checkboxes in the table. The default works well with bootstrap 5.2 form-check-input
searchLabelClassName Class names to apply to the search label. The default works well with bootstrap 5.2 form-label
searchInputClassName Class names to apply to the search input. The default works well with bootstrap 5.2 form-control form-control-sm
mainBackgroundColor Background colour applied white
headerBackgroundColor Background colour applied to the header row, used when other rows scroll under it white

Input data

Input data should be an array of objects

interface iSimpleTableRow {
  [key: string]: unknown;


    id: 2,
    first_name: 'Paul',
    last_name: 'Thomas',
    car_make: 'Ferrari',
    car_model: 'Penis extension',

however, there are no restrictions on data type for each element. Complex objects will require a render function to be supplied, and sort/search/filter functions if they are required.

Column definition

Specify the fields to use in the table in the following format

interface iSimpleTableField {
    name: string;
    label?: string;
    hidden?: boolean;
    width?: string;
    sortFn?: (a: iSimpleTableRow, b: iSimpleTableRow, sortBy: iSimpleTableSort) => number;
    searchFn?: (a: iSimpleTableRow, searchText: string) => boolean;
    filterOutFn?: (a: iSimpleTableRow) => boolean;
    renderFn?: (a: iSimpleTableCellRenderProps) => JSX.Element;


const fields: iSimpleTableField[] = [
    { name: 'id', hidden: true },
      name: 'first_name',
      label: 'First name',
      searchFn: (rowData, searchText) =>
        (rowData.first_name as string).toLowerCase().includes(searchText.toLowerCase().trim()),
      sortFn: (a, b) => (a.first_name as string).localeCompare(b.first_name as string),
      name: 'car_make',
      label: 'Make',
      searchFn: (rowData, searchText) =>
        ((rowData.car_make as string | null) ?? '')
      sortFn: (a, b) =>
        ((a.car_make as string | null) ?? '').localeCompare((b.car_make as string | null) ?? ''),
      renderFn: ({ rowData }) => {
        return rowData.car_make ? <div>{rowData.car_make as string}</div> : <div>No car</div>;
      filterOutFn: (rowData) => (rowData.car_make as string | null) === null,

Sort function

Specify a column sort function, where sortBy returns the name and sort direction returned.
NB do not use the sort direction in the sorting algorithm, this will be applied by the table, however it is available for reference.

const sortFn = (a: iSimpleTableRow, b: iSimpleTableRow, sortBy: iSimpleTableSort) => {
  return (a[sortBy.name] as string).localeCompare(b[sortBy.name] as string);

Search function

Specify how an each row should be compared against the text in the search box, on a field by field basis. Should return a truthy or falsy value.

const searchFn = (rowData: iSimpleTableRow, searchText: string) => {
  return ((rowData.car_make as string | null) ?? '').toLowerCase().includes(searchText.toLowerCase().trim());

Filter out function

Specify how an each row should be filtered when the filter box is checked, on a field by field basis. Should return a truthy or falsy value. NB A true value will remove the row.

const filterOutFn = (rowData: iSimpleTableRow) => { return (rowData.car_make as string | null) === null; };

Cell rendering

If no custom render function for the field is specified, then the field will be rendered as a string.

A custom render function can be supplied to alter this, which is supplied with the column number, field name and row data as an object. It must return a valid JSX element.

interface iSimpleTableCellRenderProps {
  columnNumber: number;
  cellField: string;
  rowData: iSimpleTableRow;


const renderFn = ({ columnNnumber, cellField, rowData }:iSimpleTableCellRenderProps):JSX.Element => {
  return rowData.car_make ? <div>{rowData.car_make as string}</div> : <div>No car</div>;

VS code launch settings

Use these configurations to attach to chrome, then launch the server

  "configurations": [
      "type": "chrome",
      "request": "attach",
      "port": 9222,
      "name": "Attach to Browser debug",
      "webRoot": "${workspaceFolder}",
      "sourceMapPathOverrides": {
        "/__parcel_source_root/*": "${webRoot}/*"
      "name": "Launch NPM web server",
      "command": "npm start",
      "request": "launch",
      "type": "node-terminal",
      "cwd": "${workspaceRoot}",
      "env": {
        "PORT": "1234"
      "serverReadyAction": {
        "pattern": "Server running at (http://localhost:[0-9]+)",
        "uriFormat": "%s",
        "action": "openExternally"




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