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REACT Typescript Editor component, because I couldn't quite find what I wanted.


# with npm
npm install @asup/editor-v3


Context menu provider, takes a list of available actions and renders a context menu on appropriate click. Wrap around the elements that need to have the menu

import { EditorV3, EditorV3Align, EditorV3Styles } from '@asup/editor-v3';

... inside REACT component

  id: string;
  input: string;
  editable?: boolean;
  setHtml?: (ret: string) => void;
  setText?: (ret: string) => void;
  setJson?: (ret: string) => void;
  customStyleMap?: EditorV3Styles;
  allowNewLine?: boolean;
  textAlignment?: EditorV3Align;
  decimalAlignPercent?: number;
  style?: CSSProperties;
  resize?: boolean;
  spellCheck?: boolean;


Prop Description
id HTML component id
input Input string, can from plain text, JSON or HTML fragment
editable If the value can be edited true
setHtml Function that receives the HTML fragment from the control
setText Function that receives the plain text in the control. Lines are separated by \n
setJson Function that received the JSON in the control
customStyleMap Map for CSS styles that can be used for formatting in the control
allowNewLine If the control is allowed to have more than one line false
textAligment Alignment for the text inside the control EditorV3Align.left
decimalAlignPercent Percentage of the control width from the left hand side that the first decimal point will be placed when textAlignment = EditorV3Align.decimal 60
style CSS styles to apply to the outer control element
resize Indicates whether the control can be resized or not false
spellCheck Indicates whether the control allows the browser spell check to run false


The control can return any of or all of the following output types, and will accept any as an input.


For when only the text matters, will operate as a normal control, returning text when the control is blurred.


For when formatting matters - an HTML fragment will be returned as a string


For when maching readability matters - an stringified JSON object will be returned with structure below

JSON Structure

  lines: {
    textBlocks: {
      text: string,
      style?: string,
    textAlignment: "left" | "center" | "decimal" | "right",
    decimalAlignPercent: number
  textAlignment: EditorV3Align,
  decimalAlignPercent: number,
  styles: {
    [styleName: string]: React.CSSProperties;

The values for textAlignment & decimalAlignPercent will always be the same for all entries in the object, but are copied for convenience The value of style in any given text block, should match one of the keys in the style object, the CSS styles from the object will then be applied to the text block.

Styles pasted between different controls will be kept, other objects pasted into the control will be pasted as plain text.



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