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A Tree navigation element presents a hierarchical set of related items, and allow users to explore and select items within that hierarchy. Each item can have a number of subitems.

An item can be expanded to reveal subitems, if any exist, and collapsed to hide subitems.


Web Components Usage

1. Installation

Install the Astro UXDS Tree package via Command Line (Preferred Method)

npm i --save @astrouxds/rux-tree

You may use Yarn, NPM, or your Node package manager of choice. The --save flag adds this component as a dependency in your package.json file.

Alternatively, download the Astro Component Library source to your project.

Via CLI:

git clone

Or, download Astro Components as a .zip

2. Import the Astro Tree Web Component

This example assumes you're using the NPM package in node_modules. Otherwise, import the component using the path to the Astro Components directory in your project.

import { RuxTree } from '@astrouxds/rux-tree/rux-tree.js'

3. Render the Astro Tree Web Component

<rux-tree .data="${dataArray}"></rux-tree>


Property Type Default Required Description
data Array [] yes An array of objects defining the tree structure. See a sample object below.

Sample data object

  label: "Option 1",
  status: "critical",
  expanded: true,
  children: [{
   label: "Option 1.1",
   status: "normal",
   selected: true,
   children: [ …] }]
  label: "Option 1.2",
  status: "normal",
  children: [ …]
  label: "Option 2",
  status: "normal",

Object Properties

Property Type Required Description
label String yes The label for the tree item
id String no An optional property to help identify individual tree elements
selected Boolean no If set to true, this item shows a selected style. When a new item is selected by user click, all other selected items are unselected.
expanded Boolean no If set to true, this item is expanded. Multiple items can be expanded at the same time.
status String no An optional property to assign status. See Astro Status for valid status options
children Array no An array of child elements. Children use the same structure as parents and may include their own children array to create nested elements

Component Events

Tree emits a tree-updated event whenever the selected tree item changes. Events contain a composed path to the element that triggered the event and two objects in the the detail property.

Sample Tree event

window.addEventListener('tree-updated', (event) => {
    // an array that reflects the current state of the tree
    console.log('Tree data',

    // an object representing the currently selected tree item
    console.log('Selected tree item', event.detail.selected)

detail Properties

Property Type Description
data Array An updated array reflecting the current state of the array
selected Object The currently selected element

Revision History

  • Replaced Polymer 3 implementation with LitElement for improved speed and interoperability with JS Frameworks as well as simpler template declaration now available in vanilla JavaScript.
  • Tree supports multiple nested child tree element
  • Added keyboard support
  • Added support for assigning status to each tree item
  • Added a light theme
  • Converted to Web Component

RUX Tree is based on the industry standard WebComponents v1 spec.

Note: RUX Tree is available as a preview release and should not be used in production code.




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