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    Object Memory Cache

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    This cache stores JSON objects, and strings into a javascript Map. Objects are stringified before storage, and parsed when retrieved. Before storage, this module uses another npm module (lzutf8) to compress the string and reduce storage.

    When you set a cache, you can tell it to expire any amount of time in the future. When you get the cache data, the expiation of that item is checked, and removed if expired. Every 10 minutes, the entire cache is checked for expired items, to remove unused cache items.

    You can also watch a file (or directory) for changes, or watch for when a file is added. When you listen for file changes, the cache items listening for that file change are removed.

    Note: listening for file changes requires the chokidar npm module


    npm install @aspiesoft/obj-memory-cache
    # to add optional file watching
    npm install chokidar


    const memoryCache = require('@aspiesoft/obj-memory-cache');
    // optional (to watch files for updates) (requires chokidar npm module)
    memoryCache({watch: __dirname});
    // note: this just sets the root dir to watch, and not the actual files
    // by default, the cache is disabled in development, to help with debugging
    // to test the cache in development, simply run this function
    // you can also run this function with the false parameter to disable it later


    function getData(){
        let cache = memoryCache.get('myCachePath');
        if(cache){return cache;}
        let data = {myJsonData: 'example data'};
        // use global cache
        memoryCache.set('myCachePath', data, {expire: '10m'}); // 10 minutes
        // build local cache
        const localCache = memoryCache.newCache(options);
        localCache.set('myCachePath', data, {expire: '10m'}); // does not effect global cache
        // note: if you loose the var, that local cache is lost
        return data;
    function getFileData(filePath){
        let cache = memoryCache.get(filePath);
        if(cache){return cache;}
        let jsonData = require(filePath);
        let defaultJsonData = require('default/data/file/path');
        let result = {};
        Object.assign(result, defaultJsonData, jsonData);
        memoryCache.set(filePath, result, {listen: [filePath, 'default/data/file/path']});
        return result;
    // basic cache functions (same for global cache and local cache) (example: memoryCache.get(), localCache.get())
    // get item from cache
    // set/add item to cache
    cache.set('index', {data: 'my data'} || 'my data', {/* options */});
    // remove item from cache
    // clear entire cache
    // watch files for cache[/* list of file paths */]);


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