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A SASS UI library from the Buildit's Gravity design system.

⚠️ This library is still under heavy development and does not yet have a stable API.

Using this library


  • SASS compilation setup in your project
  • npm (>= v5.8.0)
  • Eyeglass (>= 1.4.1)


$ npm install --save-dev @buildit/gravity-ui-sass


In your own SASS you can then include Gravity like so:

@import 'gravity-ui-sass';

You can view all the available UI components in the Buildit Living Style Guide.


One-time setup

  1. Clone this repo: https://github.com/buildit/gravity-ui-sass
  2. Run npm install to install all the dev dependencies

Building and running the style guide locally

We use Pattern Lab to generate our Buildit Living Style Guide. During development, it's useful to build and run the style guide locally via:

$ npm start

This should also open the style guide in your default web browser. In any case, the URL will be listed in the console output. By default it is: http://localhost:3000/

The local server will then also watch source files under src/ for changes and automatically trigger rebuilds & browser refreshes as necessary.

Building the style guide

To only build the style guide (which is, in effect, a static HTML website) but not run a local server, do:

$ npm run styleguide

Note that this will also build the UI library. The build output will go into dist/. You can view the style guide locally by opening dist/index.html in your browser.

This is mainly intended for automated build and deployments to our hosted Buildit Living Style Guide.

Building the UI library only

To only build the UI library (without the style guide), use:

$ npm run build

The build output will go into dist/ and, in this instance, only contains the artefacts that are needed when publishing the @buildit/gravity-ui-sass NPM package.

Making commits

This project uses Commitizen for commit formatting. Please use the following command after git add to properly check in files. Commits not checked in this way may cause your PR to be rejected.

npm run commit

Further information


Travis CI notes

The current Travis CI configuration utilises npm ci to ensure reproducibility for every build.

.travis.yml takes care of installing the correct npm version before running npm ci.

To be able to run npm ci on your machine, and to be sure to create a package-lock.json file compatible with it, make sure to update to npm version 5.8.0.

.nvmrc only allows us to specify Node.js version, but that alone is not enough at the moment, since Node.js 8 comes out of the box with npm version 5.6.0.

Further Information


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