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Install go-libp2p from npm as a dependency of your project

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Install the latest go-libp2p binary from IPFS public gateway.

Lead Maintainer

Vasco Santos


npm install go-libp2p-dep --save


Warning: The binary gets put in the go-libp2p folder inside the module folder.

Which go-libp2p version this package downloads?

Can be specified in package.json with a field go-libp2p.version, eg:

"go-libp2p": {
  "version": "v6.0.30"

Version Update

When a new go-libp2p version is released, it is necessary to create binaries for linux, windows and mac os. After this, those binaries should be added to ipfs and the versions.js file updated accordingly.

For generating binaries for all the platforms we have been using gox.

An example flow for version 0.1.0:

  • Install and build go-libp2p-daemon
$ # in your GOPATH (for example inside go/src/github.com/libp2p)
$ git clone https://github.com/libp2p/go-libp2p-daemon
$ cd go-libp2p-daemon
$ git checkout <release tag, e.g. v0.0.1>
$ go get ./...
$ go install ./...
  • Generate the necessary binaries
$ gox -osarch="linux/amd64 darwin/amd64 windows/amd64" github.com/libp2p/go-libp2p-daemon/p2pd
  • Rename each binary to p2pd in a different folder
$ mv p2pd_linux_amd64 p2pd
$ mv p2pd_darwin_amd64 p2pd
$ mv p2pd_windows_amd64.exe p2pd.exe
  • Archive resulting binaries
$ tar -cvzf go-libp2p-0.1.0-linux.tar.gz p2pd
$ tar -cvzf go-libp2p-0.1.0-mac.tar.gz p2pd
$ zip go-libp2p-0.1.0-windows.zip p2pd.exe
  • Add to IPFS (a daemon should be running)
$ ipfs add go-libp2p-0.1.0-linux.tar.gz
$ ipfs add go-libp2p-0.1.0-mac.tar.gz
$ ipfs add go-libp2p-0.1.0-windows.zip
  • Pin on IPFS bot


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