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Aragon 0.5 beta templates


In both templates, a Voting app is created that has power over all important functionality in the organization.

The difference between them is how the Voting app is configured and the token distribution.

Install local environment

  • Install Docker CE
  • cd templates/beta && npm run docker:run
  • Outputted ENS address has to be provided to the client
  • That's really it 🦅🚀


Both templates require 2 transactions to completely set up an organization. One to create the token (which is cached in the template) and one to create the organization and finish the setup.

  • Both transactions have to be done by the same sender (cache reasons).
  • Thanks to account nonces, we can prompt the user to sign and broadcast both transactions without requiring the user to wait for the first one to be mined, and we can be sure that they will be mined in order. Metamask will probably tell the user the second transaction will fail, but that's because they don't know better (they don't calculate the state as if the first transaction was already mined).
  • Addresses for deployed templates can be found in index.js.

1. Token creation

  • demTemp.newToken(name, symbol)
  • msTemp.newToken(name)

On success it will emit a DeployToken(token, cacheOwner) event.

2. Organization creation

  • On success it will emit a DeployInstance(dao, token) event.
  • Requires cacheOwner to send this transaction too.

Democracy Template

demTemp.newInstance(name, holders, stakes, supportNeeded, minAcceptanceQuorum, voteDuration)
  • name: Name for org, will assign [name].aragonid.eth (check capitalization).
  • holders: Array of token holder addresses.
  • stakes: Array of token stakes for holders (token has 18 decimals, multiply token amount * 10^18)
  • supportNeeded, minAcceptanceQuorum, voteDuration: Check [Voting app spec] (

Multisig Template

msTemp.newInstance(name, signers, neededSignatures)
  • name: Name for org, will assign [name].aragonid.eth (check capitalization).
  • signers: Array of addresses that are the multisig signatoires (they will be issued 1 token).
  • neededSignatures: Number of signers that need to sign to execute an action (parametrized Voting app under the hood).

ENS, APM and aragonID

Our fake ENS instance that we use across the entire system can also be found in index.js.

Using it as the ENS registry, we can find everything else by using ENS.

  • APM -> ens.addr('aragonpm.eth')
  • AragonID -> ens.owner('aragonid.eth') (notice it is owner and not addr)


After fetching AragonID's from the ENS, registering a name for an address can be done:

aragonID.register(keccak256(name), addr)

Note that if the name already exists, the transaction will revert (see gotchas).


The deployed APM Registry has a pretty tight governance mechanism which only allows certain individuals (Aragon core team) to create new repos and different repos are managed by different team members.

Templates will deploy the last version of the apps according to their APM repos, this will allow us to update the apps without the need to update templates.

For our Rinkeby deployment we are using a custom ENS deployment. This is fairly trustful as an account we control is the ENS root.

ENS: 0xaa0ccb537289d226941745c4dd7a819a750897d0
APM: 0x8da0fe11ece85f48723d45c3d6767db9bd4f0b29

Repos can be found by resolving the repo appId in ENS (e.g. ens.resolve('voting.aragonpm.eth')). New versions have to be submitted directly to the repo address. If you don't have permission to do so, please ask the permission manager (aka Jorge).


  • Because of aragonID registration, trying to create an organization with the name of an existing one will fail. For the client, an easy way to check is whether [name].aragonid.eth owner's is 0x00...00

Gas costs

As of Feb 14th (❤️) the costs of deploying a fully working organization are:

  • template.newToken(...): ~2.4m gas
  • template.newInstance(...): ~6.08m gas

Which total in 106% of a mainnet block worth of gas, making deploying an Aragon org cheaper than $100 at given current gas and ETH prices.

Deploying templates

After deploying ENS, APM and AragonID. Change index.js ENS address for the deployment network.

Then just:

npm run deploy:rinkeby




npm i @aragon/templates-beta

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